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Enjoy Some Rum

Zacapa Rum 23's Daiquiri-ease Cocktail

Rum is used to make some of the best cocktails you will find and many of them are perfect for these last few weeks of summer.

A Few Favorites
Cocktails Spotlight10

Bloody Mary Recipe & Tomato Cocktails

The Bloody Mary is a popular tomato and vodka drink that is as spicy as you like it. Find this recipe and other tomato and clamato cocktail recipes.

Classic Gin Martini Recipe

There are many 'martinis' though there is only one Martini. Learn how to make the classic gin cocktail and find simple variations.

Dirty Hornitini

Switch out the gin for a reposado tequila and you have a Dirty Hornitini. The mix of tequila and vermouth with olive juice is surprisingly good.

Gummy Worm Martini

Designed to taste like one of our favorite childhood candies, the Gummy Worm Martini uses two fruit-flavored vodkas, blue curacao, and soda.

Using Agave Nectar in Cocktails

Agave nectar, or agave syrup, is a sweetener used in food and drinks. It is becoming more popular to use in cocktails as a "healthy" sweetener.

Roasted Mellow (shooter)

Shooter recipe for a Roasted Mellow, a mixed drink of Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, and Lagavulin Scotch whisky.

Tamarind & Tequila

The flavors are tamarind and tequila are perfect together as this simple highball proves. Also, learn a bit about using tamarind in cocktails.

10 Fresh Fruit Smoothies You'll Love

Smoothies are fun and there are a lot of creative flavor combinations that can be used. This collection includes 10 great fruit smoothies to try.

9 Fantastic Sangria Recipes

Sangrias are fun for parties and the fruity wine punch can take many forms. Here are 9 creative recipes to show the potential of sangria.

Far East Caipirinha

Cocktail recipe for a Far East Caipirinha, a mixed drink of Leblon Cachaca, sake, lychee puree, lemon juice, vanilla, lemongrass, chili and champagne

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