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Colleen Graham

Cocktails and Mocktails for Your Twilight New Moon Party

By March 19, 2010

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As this evening leads to night many people , young and older, are planning "Twilight" parties given the midnight release of the New Moon DVD. I give credit to great marketing of an influential audience, but it is what it is and I have even had some inquiries about drinks for the event. In fact, I was asked about a mocktail menu for the occasion and created a couple of drinks for it. Here are some of my alcoholic and non-alcoholic picks for Twilight fans of every age.

Twilight Dove Mocktail

Non-alcoholic Twilight Drinks:

  • Twilight Dove (pictured) - As much as I love designing cocktails, I find that non-alcoholic drinks are just as fun to explore and create. In this dark purple-red mocktail I've combined grape and cranberry juices (don't skimp by going with cran-grape juice, please), a touch of agave nectar and a splash of lavender soda.
  • Fine Wolf - As hot as the blood of New Moon's wolf pack, my mix of hot apple cider and chai tea is soothing and a comfortable, movie-watching drink.
  • Berry Sweetheart - It is a love story after all and this innocent mix of cranberry, apple and honey is quite tempting.
  • More Twilight Mocktails - Cheri Loughlin (The Intoxicologist) put together a great menu of original mocktails last Halloween on The Examiner for the occasion and all are impressive (as most of hers are - she's a great source for innovative non-alcoholic drinks anytime).

Alcoholic Twilight Cocktails:

  • Vampire Kiss Martini - If you have seen the movies or read the books you realize how appropriate this vodka, champagne, and Chambord cocktail is. Also, the red sugar rim is the ideal adornment for any Twilight-themed drink.
  • Vampire Cocktail - Similar to the Vampire Kiss, the Vampire is a simple and delicious drink.
  • Belladonna - I chose this cocktail, which has been around for awhile, because it alludes to Bella Swan and the herb for which it was named has an interesting story. The belladonna plant was used in the late 1500's by fine ladies to give their skin a pale look, which was all the fashion in those days - I do not recommend this beauty secret. Rather fitting I think, given the main character's desire to be a vampire.
  • Blavod Cocktails - As the only black colored vodka on the market, any drink made with it is perfect for any scary party theme. Also, to get this look in mocktails, you can use black food coloring, which can be found at specialty baking stores.
  • More Cocktails - With any party theme that has to do with the supernatural, monsters, and other scary beings any drinks from my selection of Halloween cocktails would be a great addition.

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