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Whiskey & Wine: A Wonderful Mix


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  • Many of us love whiskey and many of us also enjoy a sip of a fine wine, but what about putting the two together? It is a mix that, while not too common, does show up every now and then in cocktails like the Maker's Mark's Bold Chieftain. When whiskey and wine are combined the result is usually spectacular.

    A cocktail that Lance Mayhew has shared this week is one of those and there are not one, but two wines. The cocktail is the Viscusi Cocktail and it was created by Jacob Grier and Mayhew while experimenting with dessert wines from a California winery. One of the wines is Quady Essensia and the other is the sparkling prosecco and between those two are a nice Canadian whisky from Caribou Crossing and a dash of orange bitters. The balance between whiskey and wine are perfect and the drink is great for these warming spring days, especially if you want to go beyond a Mimosa for brunch.

    Another cocktail Mayhew has brought to my attention comes from Kiernan Walsh of San Fransisco's Solstice. While the Rising Sun Cocktail does not include wine, per se, it does pair Suntory Japanese whisky with pinot noir juice in a Martini-esque mix. You may have a hard time finding the juice, but with a little effort you will find the reward quite pleasing.

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