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Booze News: April 4, 2012

By April 4, 2012

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New Sips:

  • Van Gogh PB&J - Yes, peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka. It may be surprising to some, but I had a feeling that this was coming around at sometime and here it is. The "J" is raspberry flavored. Also, if you missed it, Van Gogh has a new Cool Peach bottling as well. Personally, that sounds a bit better than PB&J, though given that this comes from Van Gogh, it is likely pretty good.
  • Old English Gin - The news of this release is exciting. According to its maker, Henrik Hammer, this is a gin that taps into the traditional English gin of the 18th and 19th centuries. Hammer's research into this old gin is extensive and he has taken great care in recreating a lost taste. Of course, none of us will ever know exactly what those original English gins tasted like, but this will be a worthy travel through time nonetheless.
  • Karlsson's Vodka - What is unique about this vodka is that it is an experiment in vintage. Just as wines change from year to year, Karlsson's hopes to prove that potato vodka changes and it seems the theory is viable and the vodka quite tasty.
  • Woodinville Rye Whiskey - Next Saturday the first bottles of rye whiskey produced in Washington state since Prohibition will be released. Woodinville Whiskey Co. has been an impressive in all of their endeavors  so far and this is a much anticipated release.
  • Rhuby Liqueur - This is slated to be released in the UK this spring and sounds like a fascinating, absolutely delicious rhubarb liqueur.

James Bond to Ditch Iconic Vodka Martini in Skyfall for a Beer - The latest Bond film is due for release this fall and it should go without surprise that people are already talking about what the spy will be drinking. This time around it is an ice-cold Heineken. How's that for product placement? It certainly is a change of pace from the drinks Bond is known for.

What's in Your Well? - This is a great write up that examines which brands may work well in a 'well' stock for bars. For the budget-conscious bartender, it's a pretty good list.

Passover Cocktails and Spirits - This is an invaluable guide to choosing Passover friendly spirits and cocktails for observant Jews this coming week.

Natalie MacLean's New Wine App - Natalie is one of the people you want to listen to when it comes to wine and she just released a new mobile app, Wine Picks and Pairings. Imagine this: You're at the liquor store searching for something different for dinner tonight. Do you trust the labels? Go with a long shot that may be either nasty or spectacular? Why not just take a picture of the bar code, and get a review right there on your phone. No waiting, no guessing, now that is a useful app.

Staying Dry in America - Prohibition-era laws continue to play a role in many areas of the country and while some are small regulations on the sale of alcohol such as no Sunday sales, some areas remain as dry as the desert. I found this map on the BBC of wet, dry, and damp areas interesting and insightful, the visual reference to the concept is helpful and the story quite good.

Another Over the Top Vodka Ad - It seems that vodka competition is getting so fierce that some of the big names are going to offensive extremes in their attempts to lure customers. There were the Wodka Vodka billboards - the hooker/escort comparison and the  Christmas-Hanukah reference. Animal rights activists recently took issue with Absolut's greyhound TV spot, and now Belvedere's recent ad is under fire. This last one has the implication of rape with the tagline "Unlike Some People Belvedere Always Goes Down Smoothly" and the actress in the video-captured image is suing Belvedere.

News from Mount Vernon - Since the distilleries fired up again in 2006 at Mount Vernon there have been many collective projects there. Most recently, a team of Scotch distillers created a single malt whiskey which will hang out in barrels for the next three years. Also, on April 14th visitors will get a taste of Washington's rye whiskey.

Want to feel sexy and confident? Hold a glass in your hand -- no alcohol required - A new French study confirms what most of us know from experience... a glass in hand equals confidence.

Whiskey Saves Tulips, Maybe - We have all heard about the amazing, non-imbibing uses for vodka, but what about whiskey? It is the hopes of one Iowa town that whiskey will delay their tulips from blooming before it is convenient for their annual tulip festival.

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