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A Ghost-tini from Florida

By October 21, 2012

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It is the season to indulge in all things not good quite so good for you and I have a drink that fits perfectly. It comes from the Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida and is just one of the devilishly candied cocktails they are serving for the Halloween season. Allow me to introduce you to the Ghost-tini.

Ghost-tini Cocktail

This cocktail falls into the dessert category of drinks and is a luscious, creamy mix with a slightly spicy side. It is made of the caramel-flavored Bailey's Irish Cream, Absolut Vanilia, and pumpkin spice liqueur. If that mix did not grab your attention, check out the garnishing: crushed Oreo rim, gummy worms, and dry ice. It is, quite simply, a fun cocktail filled with interesting things, and what more do you want in a great Halloween cocktail?

Ghost-tini cocktail recipe...

This drink also brings up a good point and that is using dry ice in drinks. KMKCreatives put it very well in the Poison Punch submission for the Halloween cocktail contest:

Remember to use FOOD GRADE DRY ICE TABS, never cubes or large chunks. You want to create the smoking effect but don't want to guests to be able to get a chunk in their mouth. Dry ice is VERY COLD and will burn. Using the food grade dry ice allows it to melt very quickly and smoke without any hazards in the glass. Use either shaved dry ice or pellets. Do not mix regular ice with dry ice to avoid any confusion.

Sound advice. I also want to add caution to another technique for getting super cold, foggy drinks and this one involves an advanced mixology technique using liquid nitrogen. A young woman in the UK had part of her stomach removed after drinking one of these cocktails (here is the story). Moral of the story: cold will burn (and it's a bad burn) and if you do not know how to use/serve something that is potentially dangerous, don't.

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