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Talking About Essential Liqueurs

By November 6, 2012

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I am in a 'back to basics' mood this month and kicked it off in last week's newsletter with a look at liqueurs (check that out below the jump). Today, I want to get your opinions about which you consider to be essential liqueurs in your bar.

Essential Liqueurs

Liqueurs are those often sweetened distilled spirits that are often used as a compliment to a cocktail's base spirit. They also find themselves standing alone in many recipes and a number of them are a joy to sip on their own.

There are a handful of liqueurs that are absolutely essential to a bar because they make an appearance in many of the drink recipes you will come across. The one that is most useful has to be orange liqueur, though that in itself is a broad category. I spent days a few months ago organizing the list of drinks on this site that use one orange liqueur or another. It  proves that this is one of those spirits that is vital to being able to mix up a variety of cocktails at a moment's notice.

There are, of course, a few other universally accepted essential liqueurs and those can be found in this Essential Spirits and Mixers article. What I am wondering now is which liqueurs do you consider essential in your bar. It's likely that many of you have a favorite drink that relies on one particular liqueur or that you have found a liqueur that you cannot live without and you continue to explore its cocktail potential. Here's your chance to let us know about your favorite(s), and you can do that here: Which Liqueurs are Essential in Your Bar?

From last Thursday's newsletter (if you are not a subscriber, sign up here)...

Learn Your Liqueurs

We are all familiar with the base distilled spirits and can tell the difference between rum and whiskey, gin and vodka, but what about liqueurs. These sweetened, often lower proof spirits are just as important and many are also essential to a well-stocked bar. Learn more about popular, new, and old liqueurs and find cocktail recipes to use them in... The liqueurs

Classic Liqueurs: Chartreuse

There are a handful of liqueurs that have been around for hundreds of years and they are just as useful today as they were when the often secret recipe was first created. Chartreuse is one of those and this herbal liqueur comes in either green or yellow and is used in some of the best cocktails you will find.... Chartreuse info and cocktails

Modern Liqueurs: St. Germain

St. Germain is a fine example of a modern liqueur that has filled a long neglected niche in the world of cocktails. Though there are many liqueurs released each year, few will make the essentials list as quickly as others and can make one wonder what we did before these were released... St. Germain info and cocktails

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