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Colleen Graham

New Year's Hangover Help

By December 30, 2013

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There is one last piece of business that we have to deal with when it comes to New Year's. That is the nasty subject of the hangover, which I know from years of writing here will be the topic on many minds come January 1st.

Some people prefer to be prepared for the inevitable and will have their hangover cures at the ready before the party even begins. This approach is advisable, especially if you face the reality that it is likely that you will wake up feeling at least a little blah. My advice is to have your favorite hangover remedy on hand just in case. That means the Alka Seltzer, the Bloody Mary mix, the fruit juice, the food, whatever it is you use in a convenient location. Now, if you are reading this on January 1st, then this advice will do no good and you may have to run to the store this morning (or just go back to sleep and worry about that later).

Here are a few resources that may help you relieve your hangover symptoms...

  • How to Cure a Hangover - Practical advice that is bullet pointed (easy reading for those suffering right now) with options that may or may not work for you... everyone is different.
  • Hair of the Dog Prepping - Mix these drinks up the night before and store them in the refrigerator for easy morning pouring: Bloody Mary, Carrot & Cilantro Cooler, Hair of the Dog.
  • Fear Not The Food - Even though eating may be one of the last thing you want to do, it is important to at least attempt to eat something and restore some of the nutrients your body is lacking. I love the suggestions from Barbara Rolek, About.com's Eastern European Food Guide. These Hangover Foods are tried and true solutions from countries known for their love of drink. Again, make ahead for efficiency.
  • Listen to Others - You, the readers, continue to amaze me with the ingenuity of your hangover cures. Some of you even have strict regiments and I commend you for being prepared. Read through these reader suggestions, the lost cure that works for you may be included.
  • Watch a Video - If reading is a little too much for you right now, watch this video with some tips: Hangover Remedies.
  • REST - The most important thing to know when it comes to hangovers is REST: Rehydrate, Eat, Sleep, Time.

Good luck!

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August 15, 2013 at 1:59 pm
(1) Andrew says:

There is a new drink that just came out called Liquid I.V. that was created specifically for people with hangovers. My friend introduced me to it, and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best thing that works for me. It focuses on the key element of what causes a hangover which is dehydration. It comes in both bottle and powder form (similar to Emergen-C). You can get the powder packet form shipped directly from their website, but the bottles can only be found in stores. Try it and thank me later.


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