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Colleen Graham

Cocktails for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

By February 5, 2014

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The Olympic Winter Games are kicking off this week in Sochi, Russia and to add a little spirit to your experience here are a number of cocktails that fit perfectly with the theme.

Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule

Vodka Cocktails - One of the obvious cocktail connections with the games taking place in Russia is that wonderful clear spirit that is so famously associated with the host country. There are thousands of cocktails to choose from and you can explore the entire list of vodka cocktails here. Some of the most appropriate of the list would have to be the popular Moscow Mule, White Russian, and Black Russian. There is also the Russian Quaalude shooter if you're in the mood for something along those lines.  Another fantastic (and lesser-known) option is the Ninotchka Cocktail, an interesting mix of vodka, creme de cacao, and lemon and if you get bored with the athletic events, check out the Greta Garbo movie by the same name, it's a great one.

Sporting Drinks - Here are a few drinks that are appropriate for the various events: Ski Lift, The Halfpipe, and Super Sleigh. Also, the Jamaican bobsled team is back and that just may call for a Roman Rasta Coffee or Jamaican Coffee.

Winter Cocktails - These are the winter games and that gives us many options to choose from. The list would include favorite warmers like the Hot Toddy or any of the other hot drinks from this list like this Winter Hill Cocktail. Other options include the classic Winter Cocktail or the orange vodka and Champagne drink simply called Winter.

Patriotic Cocktails - The Olympics are all about team spirit and if you want to cheer on the United States' athletes in red, white, and blue style there is no shortage of options. Check out the full listing of patriotic cocktails here.

A Little Diplomacy - A couple of cocktails that are appropriate for international relations: plum and rye in The Diplomat and brandy and rum in the Embassy Cocktail.

Olympic Party Tips and Cocktails - Finally, if you want some tips on hosting an Olympic party, this is the article for you. It also includes Gold, Silver, and Bronze cocktail recipes.

Beyond drinks, many of my colleagues here on About.com will be covering the Olympics...

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