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Colleen Graham

Colleen Graham

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íHola Tequila! Book by Colleen Graham

íHola Tequila! Book by Colleen Graham

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Colleen Graham is a mixologist and writer with a passion for creating and sharing cocktails and mixed drinks that enrich the drinking experience.

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Colleen joined About.com in 2006 as the Cocktails Expert and has since researched and reported on a variety of aspects in the art and practice of creating fine drinks. This experience has allowed Colleen to rediscover classic cocktails and their history, create and try new, more culinary drinks, explore and review the array of distilled spirits available, and go behind the scenes with the people who behind the hospitality and liquor industries.

Colleen is also a cocktail consultant, creating themed cocktail menus and individual drink recipes for a variety of clients. In addition to writing and consulting, Colleen owns and operates a commercial photography and art studio with her husband, with food, drink, and hospitality photography serving as one of their main focuses.

Colleen's Books

In 2012, Colleen's first book was published. ¡Hola Tequila! is a celebration of tequila and includes 90 cocktail and shooter recipes, tequila history, production, and tips for setting up a tequila-centered bar.
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By Colleen Graham:

I invite you to join me in learning the art of mixing cocktails and imbibing responsibly, while experimenting with new and interesting flavors. The diversity in tastes and styles of cocktails is so vast that it is a never-ending pursuit and this site is designed to help everyone along this path. Whether you are building a home bar to entertain friends and family, are looking to try something new at your favorite lounge or are curious about a particular drink you've heard of, you will find the information you need here. I'll also share my thoughts on a variety of distilled spirits to help you choose a brand that fits your particular tastes and give you some ideas for hosting parties and making your cocktails look and taste great.

I welcome any recipes, suggestions and requests via email: cocktails@aboutguide.com.

For marketing representatives:
I am happy to receive information and review certain distilled spirits, tools, books, and other materials related to cocktails and bartending. However, I do ask that you email me prior to sending any unsolicited material. It will save both of us time and energy. Thank you.


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