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Lance Mayhew

Lance J. Mayhew was a bartender and bar manager for over 16 years. During his time behind the bar, Lance received numerous accolades for his creative and seasonal cocktail creations. In 2008, the Beverage Network named Lance one of America’s “Ten Trendsetting Mixologists” and he was also a two-time selection to the Grand Marnier/Navan Mixology Summit featuring the nations top 100 bartenders. Currently, Lance is an instructor at Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon and a Certified Specialist of Spirits.

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In his free time, Lance runs his own spirits, cocktails, food and wine blog, www.MyLifeontheRocks.com, and freelances for print and web publications focusing on spirits and cocktails. Additionally, Lance founded and was the president of the first independent craft bartenders guild in America. During his time in Portland, Lance has been associated with such respected establishments as Beaker & Flask, Meriwether’s restaurant, 50 Plates restaurant, Branch Whiskey bar and was most recently behind the bar at the acclaimed Urban Farmer restaurant at the Nines Hotel. He frequently teaches mixology and spirits seminars in the Pacific Northwest, to groups as diverse as Culinary Institute of America to the Oregon Restaurant Association, as well as serving as a beverage program consultant for bars and restaurants throughout the country.

By Lance Mayhew:

Whiskey is my favorite spirits category. This is a very exciting time to be involved in the world of whiskies as new whiskies are constantly coming on to the market and classic whiskies are offering up new and exciting expressions. These days, whiskies are not just limited to Canada, Ireland, America, Japan and Scotland. There are great whiskies emerging from all parts of the world. Whether you are a seasoned whiskey drinker, a complete novice, or somewhere in between, come join me as I uncover the greatest whiskies in the world, find great values in the whiskey market and provide a unique insight into the spirit called whiskey.


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