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History of Christmas Traditions in the 19th Century
In the early 1800s, Christmas celebrations only vaguely resembled the holiday season of the present day. But by the century's end, Christmas traditions had ...
Medieval Christmas Traditions - Medieval History - About.com
Among the Pagan traditions that have become part of Christmas is burning the yule log. This custom springs from many different cultures, but in all of them its ...
Buon Natale! Christmas in Italy - Italian Christmas Traditions
Traditions, rituals, and customs practiced by Italians during the Christmas holidays.
Christmas in France - French Christmas Customs and Traditions
Christmas in France is a time for family and for generosity, marked by family reunions, gifts and candy for children, gifts for the poor, Midnight Mass, and le ...
Celebrating Christmas: Sources of Christmas Traditions, Modern ...
Few people are aware of the origins of most Christmas traditions; most assume that Christmas is primarily Christian, or else they simply don't care. Christmas is ...
Poland Christmas Traditions - Christmas Traditions in Poland
Christmas Traditions in Poland Poland is a predominately Catholic nation, so Christmas is celebrated on December 25, just like in the West. Christmas traditions ...
Ukraine Christmas Traditions - Christmas in Ukraine
Christmas in Ukraine, which occurs in January, is a time of traditions and family gatherings. Celebrate Ukrainian Christmas traditions such as Sviaty Vechir.
Christmas Traditions of the Polish People - Eastern European Food
Polish Christmas Eve - Wigilia - and Christmas Day are two of the holiest days of the year to Roman Catholics along with Easter.
A German Christmas - Weihnachten - Christmas Customs and ...
Most of today's "traditional" Christmas customs are more recent than we think, only dating back to the 19th century. Before then, Christmas was either not ...
German Christmas Traditions - Christmas Traditions in Germany
From the Christmas tree to the Christmas market, it's all German. Read about Germany's beloved Christmas traditions, Christmas recipes, and how the holiday  ...
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