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Distilled Spirits - About.com Cocktails
Distilled spirits are the base ingredients for the majority of cocktails and it is important to know and understand the differences between the various liquors in  ...
Distilled Spirit Reviews - About.com Cocktails
A collection of reviews written by About.com's Cocktails Guide about a variety of distilled spirits. Read opinions of classic liquors and the newest spirits to hit the ...
Liquor or Distilled Spirit - About.com Cocktails
A beverage distilled from alcohol. Usually made from grains and fruits, but any organic substance that ferments can be used as the primary ingredient. The six ...
Dictionary of Terms Used for Distilled Spirits - About.com Cocktails
A glossary of common terms that are used in the process of making distilled spirits. Learn the definition of single malt, fermentation, blend and more.
Distilled Spirits Shelf Life (by Type) - About.com Cocktails
Unlike some wines, distilled spirits do not age (or mature) in the bottle. This means that your 20 year old, unopened bottle of 18 year Scotch will taste the same ...
Definition of a Liqueur or Cordial Distilled Spirit - About.com Cocktails
Liqueurs, or cordials, are sweet distilled spirits with a base liquor, sugar and a variety of fruits, herbs and spices for flavor that varies greatly by type or brand.
About.com Cocktails Readers' Choice Awards Best Distilled Spirits
Readers are encouraged to nominate and vote for their favorite distilled spirits, liquors, and mixers. Within the links below you can find more information about ...
Certified Specialist of Spirits Class - Certification for Distilled Spirits ...
Even worse, bartending schools offer little in the way of preparation and understanding of spirits and cocktails Recently, programs have begun to emerge  ...
Food Recipes with Distilled Spirits - About.com Cocktails
Liquor is not just for drinking, it can also add subtle flavors to many of your favorite foods. This is a growing collection of outstanding food recipes, all of which ...
The Culture, History, Fun and Literature Surrounding Cocktails and ...
From hosting a variety of parties, to learning the history of drinks and spirits, and finding a ... As you may imagine, the histories coming out of the bar and distilling  ...
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