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Definition of Schnapps Liquor - Cocktails - About.com
Essentially, schnapps are made by fermenting the fruit along with the base liquor (usually brandy), whereas liqueurs are often made by steeping fruits in alcohol ...
What Does Aged or Aging Mean With Liquor? - Cocktails - About.com
The barrels, or casks, are often made of oak which is sometimes charred. ... Many times, especially in the case of whiskey, the label will indicate the liquor's age.
How to Infuse Vodka and Other Liquor with Flavor
The basic concept is to marry a variety of choice flavors into a base liquor to ... The spicier concoctions like garlic-habenero make an unbelievable Bloody Mary.
What is the difference between a liquor and a liqueur?
Liqueur alcohol content can range from a low 15 percent (30 proof) to 55 percent (110 ... Liquor is an alcoholic beverage made of grains or other plants which is ...
Desserts Made with Liquors and Liqueurs
2. Grasshopper Pie. Yes, it's green like a grasshopper. It's made just like the drink from the 60's with green crème de menthe and white crème de cacao liqueur.
Make Your Own Alcohol - Beer, Wine and Liqueur Recipes
May 16, 2014 ... Recipes for wine, liqueur and beer. ... Learn how to make your own alcohol from basic ingredients, and enjoy a steady supply of low-cost wine, ...
Where Do Different Types of Alcohol Come From? - Chemistry
May 4, 2013 ... Updated December 02, 2014. The alcohol that you can drink is ethyl alcohol or ethanol. It is produced. by fermenting carbohydrates , such as ...
Liqueur Types and Descriptions (A-C List) - Cocktails - About.com
Amaretto- An almond flavored liqueur made with apricot pits. This liqueur is commonly paired with a coffee liqueur in drinks like a Toasted Almond or used as a ...
Is Alcohol Gluten-Free?
That being said, some experts disagree on the question of whether celiacs and the gluten-sensitivve can consume distilled alcoholic beverages originally made  ...
St Germain Elderflower Liqueur Profile and Cocktails
St. Germain (pronounced San-Jer-Man) is an all-natural elderflower liqueur produced in France. Prior to its recent release elderflower cordial or syrup made of ...
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