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Liqueur Types and Descriptions (A-C List) - Cocktails - About.com
Liqueurs are the often sweeter distilled spirits that are used to flavor many of our favorite cocktails. Read about the variety of liqueurs available and find drink ...
Definition of a Liqueur or Cordial Distilled Spirit - Cocktails - About.com
Definition: Liqueurs, or cordials, are just as important as the base liquors in the bar, and some are more important than others. A liqueur is a sweet distilled spirit  ...
Liqueur, Beer, and Wine Cocktail Recipe Collection - Cocktails
There are a few cocktail recipes that rely on no base spirit such as gin, vodka, whiskey, etc., but include only liqueurs, beer, or wine as their alcoholic component.
What is the difference between a liquor and a liqueur?
In general, liqueurs are sweetened spirits with various flavors, oils, and extracts. Liqueur alcohol content can range from a low 15 percent (30 proof) to 55 ...
Liqueurs or Cordials - Cocktails - About.com
Liqueurs, or cordials, are obtained from the infusion of fruits, herbs, spices and other plants with base spirits and serve as active flavoring agents for many of the  ...
Essential Liqueurs to Stock in Your Home Bar - Cocktails - About.com
The great thing about liqueurs is that a bottle can last quite a long time so you can gradually add to your stock as you see fit.
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Profile With Cocktail Ideas - Cocktails
Godiva Liqueurs now include chocolate and white chocolate along with mocha and caramel, each with a creamy chocolate base and two chocolate vodkas.
Ginger Liqueur Information and Cocktail Recipes
Ginger liqueur has a fascinating, snappy spice taste that is great in cocktails. Read more about this liqueur and find cocktail recipes to mix it in.
Liquori Casalinghi - Italian Liqueurs - Italian Food - About.com
Making liqueurs at home is easy, and they taste wonderful!
Profile of Benedictine Liqueur with Cocktail Recipes - Cocktails
Made of herbs, roots and sugar with a Cognac base. One of the best ways to taste the distinct flavors of Benedictine is in a B&B in which the liqueur is mixed with ...
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