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Classic Brandy Cocktails

Many of the drinks that we now consider classic cocktails include brandy. These are often simple mixes, requiring just a few ingredients, and in them you will find the refined taste of sophistication. From the easy Brandy Cocktail to old-timey favorites like the Hot Toddy and Boston Sidecar, the recipes below are a fantastic way to enjoy brandy.

Boston Sidecar
Brandy, rum and triple sec make up the classic Boston Sidecar cocktail. It is easy, refreshing and a fun sour drink.

French 75
French 75: Cognac, orange liqueur, lemon juice, Champagne

Alexander: brandy, creme de cacao, cream

Corpse Reviver
Corpse Reviver: brandy, apple brandy, sweet vermouth

Metropolitan: brandy, sweet vermouth, simple syrup, bitters

Embassy Cocktail
Embassy Cocktail: brandy, Jamaican rum, Cointreau orange liqueur, lime juice, Angostura bitters

Boston Cocktail
Boston Cocktail: apricot brandy, gin, grenadine, lemon juice

A true classic, every brandy connoisseur should know how to make the B&B. Just two ingredients and you have a perfect nightcap to sip for the evening.

Brandy Cobbler
Brandy Cobbler: brandy, simple syrup, fruit

Rose: cherry brandy, gin, dry vermouth - OR - kirsch, dry vermouth, strawberry syrup

Champagne Bowler
Champagne Bowler: Cognac, white wine, champagne, strawberries, simple syrup

Brandy Cocktail
Brandy Cocktail: brandy, orange liqueur, Angostura and Peychaud's bitters

Coffee Cocktail
The classic Coffee Cocktail has no coffee, but it does have brandy and ruby port with egg to create a fantastic old-fashioned drink you'll love.

Saratoga Brace Up
Saratoga Brace Up: brandy, absinthe, lemon or lime juice, egg, Angostura bitters, sugar

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry: brandy, dark rum, simple syrup, egg, hot milk

Brandy Milk Punch
Brandy Daisy: brandy, milk, sugar syrup, nutmeg

Harbor Light
Harbor Light: Cognac, coffee liqueur, triple sec, 151-proof rum

Eggnog is a holiday favorite for many people. Learn how to make the best brandy eggnog from scratch with this traditional recipe.

Horse's Neck
Refreshing and easy to make, brandy is just one of the liquor options for making a great Horse's Neck and it's a perfect drink for happy hour.

Wassail: brandy, sherry, sugar, egg, apples, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg

Star Cocktail
Star Cocktail: apple brandy, sweet vermouth, Peychaud's bitters, gum syrup

Morning Glory
Morning Glory: Cognac, rye whiskey, curacao and absinthe liqueurs, simple syrup, club soda

Weep No More
Weep No More: brandy, Dubonnet Rouge, maraschino liqueur, lime

Porto Flip
Porto Flip: brandy, ruby port, egg

Saratoga Cocktail
Saratoga Cocktail: brandy, whiskey, vermouth, Angostura bitters

Millenium Cocktail
Millenium Cocktail: cherry brandy, gin, orange juice, ginger ale

Millionaire Cocktail No. 1
Millionaire Cocktail No. 1: apricot brandy, sloe gin, rum, grenadine, lime juice

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