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Flavored Vodka Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to infused liquor no other distilled spirit can compare to the options available in vodka. From fruit infusions to dessert-flavored vodkas, this list includes recipes that use a flavored vodka.

As a compliment to this list, you may want to read: How to Infuse Vodka and Guide to Flavored Vodkas.

About.com Red Ball
pomegranate vodka, coconut rum, creme de almond, sweet vermouth, lime juice

Admiral Perry
pear vodka, Hiram Walker Original Cinn Schnapps, dry vermouth, white creme de cacao

Air Force One
citrus vodka, Hpnotiq liqueur, lemon juice, lemon-lime soda

Amarula & Eve
citrus vodka, Amarula cream liqueur, lychee juice, ruby red grapefruit

Angèle Green Tea Cooler
green tea vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda

Apple Cin
apple vodka, spiced rum, cranberry juice, simple syrup, cinnamon

Apple Crisp
cake vodka, spiced whisky, maple syrup, apple juice

As Night Falls
orange vodka, white grapefruit juice, sugar, ginger, star anise, peppercorns

coconut vodka, rum, amaretto liqueur, coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, chocolate

blueberry vodka, fresh lemon juice, sparkling water, mint

lemon vodka, rum, milk, cinnamon-vanilla syrup, orgeat syrup, Angostura Bitters

Beet Down #2 Cocktail
tangerine vodka, Aperol, yuzu juice, ginger syrup, grapefruit juice, beets

Berried Treasure
berry vodka, white creme de cacao, lemonade

Berry Whipped (shooter)
marshmallow and strawberry vodkas, grenadine

Berry White
UV Blue Vodka, creme de cacao, triple sec, lime juice

Big Breezy
Absolut New Orleans vodka, watermelon, simple syrup, lemon juice, black pepper

Black Cherry Breezer
black cherry vodka, grenadine, lemon juice

Blood Martini
citrus vodka, ginger liqueur, dark grape juice, blackberry syrup

Boston Homerun
Absolut Boston vodka, white grape juice, ginger ale

Boston Tea Party Martini
Absolut Boston vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup

Bourbon Street Jump
Absolut New Orleans vodka, tarragon, lemon juice, simple syrup

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars
blueberry vodka, absinthe, raspberry liqueur, simple syrup, lemon juice, ginger beer, fresh blueberries

Campari Cosmo
citrus vodka, Campari, triple sec, orange juice

Candy Cane
berry vodka, peppermint schnapps, white creme de cacao, grenadine, half and half, peppermint candy

Candy Corn Cocktail
cake vodka, orange juice, milk, amaretto, club soda, candy corn rim

Cappuccino Cascades
hazelnut espresso vodka, amaretto liqueur, hot chocolate, coffee

Caramel Appletini
green apple vodka, butterscotch schnapps

Caramel Latte
Dutch caramel vodka, coffee liqueur, chilled espresso, half and half

Celery Cup No. 1
cucumber vodka, Pimm's, cilantro, celery, English cucumber, agave nectar

Carrot Cake
cake vodka, carrot juice, milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, soda

Charbay Antifreeze
Charbay Blood Orange Vodka, blue curacao, orange juice

Cherry Lane
cherry vodka, Benedictine, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters

Citron Sipper
citrus vodka, cucumber, cilantro, simple syrup, lemon-lime soda

Chocolate Spice Martini
Dutch chocolate vodka, GranGala orange liqueur, Godiva chocolate liqueur, cream

Clean Slate
amaretto vodka, St. Germain, Cherry Heering, apple-cinnamon syrup, Champagne

Citrus Banshee
citrus vodka, banana liqueur, white creme de cacao, cream

Coconut Cove
coconut vodka, coconut water, lychee syrup, cream of coconut, coconut flakes

Coconut Martini
vanilla vodka, coconut rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice

Clementine Crush
clementine vodka, Cointreau, pineapple juice, lime juice, passion fruit juice, ginger, simple syrup

Cool Colada (shooter)
pineapple and coconut vodkas, pineapple juice

citrus vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice

Coco Light Martini
coconut vodka, coconut water, pineapple juice, lime juice

Col. Pepper's Lonely Mango
mango vodka, Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper, Tabasco, mango puree, club soda

vanilla vodka, triple sec, orange juice, half and half

pomegranate vodka, pomegranate juice, lemonade, simple syrup, mint

Creme Brulee Martini
vanilla vodka, port of crème anglaise, simple syrup

Cupid's Arrow Cocktail
raspberry vodka, calvados, chocolate liqueur, simple syrup, pomegranate juice

Dafne Martini
pear vodka, gin, blue curacao, dry vermouth, orange bitters

Dark 'n Fluffy
marshmallow vodka, chocolate liqueur, cream, marshmallows, cocoa

Dracula's Kiss
black cherry vodka, grenadine, cola

Dancing Belly
citrus vodka, coconut rum, white grape juice

Dessert Fizz
chocolate vodka, strawberry, mint, agave nectar, lemon juice, sparkling wine

Dutch Duchess
Sonnema VodkaHerb, absinthe, peychaud bitters

Falling Leaf Fizz
pear vodka, sparkling wine, simple syrup, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pie spice

Dutch Appel Sangria
apple vodka, dry white wine, orange liqueur, pineapple juice

Dutch Green Tea
Sonnema VodkaHERB, St. Germain liqueur, agave nectar, green tea, lemon juice

Dutch Tulip
melon vodka, cucumber, strawberry, soda

Fennel Lemon Crunch
fennel vodka, lemon juice, basil, sour mix

Elderflower Creamsicle
tangerine vodka, elderflower liqueur, clementine juice, vanilla sparkling water, Angostura bitters

Dutch Tulip
Sonnema vodkaHERB, Lillet Rouge, Champagne, Massanez Framboise, agave nectar

French Pear Martini
pear vodka, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, Champagne

Floating on Cloud 9
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, strawberry liqueur, half & half

Garden Jubilee
tomato vodka, vodka, lemon juice, basil, sugar, guava nectar, orange water

Flor de Jamaica Cup
grapefruit vodka, PAMA liqueur, hibiscus syrup, pomegranate juice, ruby red grapefruit, basil

French Sparkle
Chambord Flavored Vodka, Champagne, mango nectar

Fresa Caliente
Arbol chile and strawberry infused vodka, fresh strawberry and cucumber, simple syrup, sparkling rose wine

Ginger Snap Martini
pear vodka, amaretto, simple syrup, molasses, ginger, cinnamon, clove, allspice

vanilla vodka, pumpkin spice liqueur, Bailey's Irish Cream with Caramel, Oreo cookie, gummy worm,dry ice

Gingerbread Man-tini
citrus vodka, gingerbread liqueur, dry vermouth, simple syrup

Ginspresso Martini
espresso vodka, gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters

Ginger Sour
ginger vodka, lemon juice, egg white, maple syrup

Hail to the Chief
grape vodka, sugar, ginger, blackberries, ginger ale

Goose in Spring
lavender-infused vodka, raspberries, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice

Golden Cappuccino Martini
espresso Vodka, Galliano, cream

Gummy Worm Martini
mango and raspberry vodkas, blue curacao liqueur, lemon-lime soda

Herb's Pomegranate Punch
cilantro vodka, pomegranate juice, lime juice, brown sugar

Herb's Garden Ale
Herb's Dill Vodka, dry and sweet vermouths, ginger ale

Halloween Brew
pumpkin pie vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice

Herb’s Harvest
rosemary vodka, pear puree, lemon juice, almond syrup, cranberry juice drink

Herb's Mary Rose Martini
Herb's Rosemary Vodka, cassis, cranberry juice, club soda

Holiday Spice
coconut vodka, coconut cream, pineapple juice, whole milk, egg white, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, coconut shavings

Honey Bun
Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka, Jim Beam Honey Bourbon, fresh lemon sour

Ice Kaffe
vanilla and clear vodkas, coffee liqueur, cream, a cafe con leche ice cube

Key Lime Pie Martini
vanilla vodka, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime cordial, lime, graham crackers

Jolly Rancher
green apple vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice

Holiday Ginger Snap
peach vodka, ginger, lemon juice, sage, ginger beer

Kiwi Martini
vodka or citrus vodka, kiwi, simple syrup

Kiwi Mango Mint
kiwi vodka, mango nectar, fresh mint

Irish Coffee Drop
double espresso vodka, Irish cream liqueur, Guinness

Jazz Collins
Absolut New Orleans, sour mix, club soda

Lavender Lemon Drop
lemon vodka, lemon juice, lavender, simple syrup

Lotus Blossom
pear vodka, sake, lychee nuts, lime, sugar syrup

LAX Cocktail
Absolut Los Angeles vodka, X-rated Fusion liqueur, lime juice, orange bitters

Look Better Naked
cranberry vodka, low-calorie sweetener, lemon juice, soda

Killer Blowfish
vanilla vodka, TY KU liqueur, tabasco sauce, passion fruit, sweet and sour mix, egg

Manuka Flip
honey vodka, Benedictine, pear juice, figs, cinnamon, egg yolk

Mango Spice
mango vodka, mango nectar, jalapeno pepper, agave syrup, lime juice, orange bitters

Melon Cucumber-tini
melon vodka, cucumber, simple syrup

Manuka & Maple Sour
honey vodka, maple syrup, lemon juice, bitters.

Maya Magic
pineapple and vanilla Vodkas, triple sec, cranberry juice

Melon Eye-Tini
citrus vodka, Midori, agave nectar, sour mix, green tea ginger ale, basil, strawberry sundae syrup

Midori Melon Ball Drop
citrus vodka, melon liqueur, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice

Midori Berry Bliss
vanilla and raspberry vodkas, Midori , pineapple juice, soda

orange vodka, tequila, orange juice

vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur

Midnight Smash
orange vodka, Averna, ginger beer, Meyer lemon, blackberries

Mint ChocoChata Martini
chocolate vodka, RumChata Cream Liqueur, green creme de menthe

Mixed Berry Fizz
raspberry and black currant vodkas, creme de mure, blackberries and raspberries, lemon, cane syrup, Sprite

Natural Selection
SKYY Berry vodka, Apple Pucker, Hpnotiq, pineapple juice

Orange Jaxx
orange vodka, apple pucker, cinnamon liqueur

Moroccan Cocktail
pomegranate vodka, cardamom-infused simple syrup, pomegranate puree, lemon juice

Muddled Rebuttal
citrus vodka, lemonade, raspberries

Ninotchka Cocktail
vodka or vanilla vodka, white crème de cacao, lemon juice

p.i.n.k. Ribbon
p.i.n.k. vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, black currant juice, sour mix

pear vodka, amaretto, simple syrup, lemon juice

pineapple vodka, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, lime juice

pomegranate vodka, pineapple juice, soda, strawberries

Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini
pomegranate vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, lemon juice

Peach Punch
peach vodka, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, orange juice

Passion Pearl
passion fruit vodka, rum, triple sec, lemon juice, bitters

PB&J Frappe
Van Gogh PB&J Vodka, banana, raspberries, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, milk

Polished Princess
vanilla vodka, cranberries, lemon juice, simple syrup, pumpkin spice, egg white

Pink Pineapple
pineapple vodka, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, fresh pineapple

Peach Cobbler
peach vodka, hazelnut liqueur, heavy cream

Political Partini
pear vodka, Disarrono, simple syrup, lemon juice

Pom-X Martini
pomegranate vodka, X-Rated Fusion liqueur

Pomegranate-Pineapple Fireworks
pomegranate and pineapple vodkas, Champagne, pineapple juice

Pumpkin Divine
pear vodka, pumpkin butter, triple sec, simple syrup

Pomspresso Tini
espresso vodka, pomegranate juice, lime juice, Angostura bitters

Pumpkin Carver
orange vodka, ginger liqueur, pumpkin butter, maple syrup, lemon juice, apple chips

Dutch caramel vodka, raspberry liqueur, ginger ale

Pumpkin Punch
pear vodka, Allspice Dram, Licor 43, pumpkin butter

Raspberry Press
red raspberry vodka, club soda, lemon-lime soda

Pumpkin Martini
vanilla vodka, cream liqueur, pumpkin schnapps or pumpkin spice syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks

Pumpkin Pie Martini
vanilla vodka, RumChata cream liqueur, pumpkin liqueur or pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon

Roasted Mellow (shooter)
marshmallow vodka, Scotch whisky, chocolate liqueur

Pumpkin Spice
ginger vodka, lime juice, pumpkin puree, honey water, ginger

Root Beer Float
vanilla vodka, Galliano, cream, cola

Red Over Heels
ginger vodka, honey syrup, lemon juice

Red Velvet Shortcake
Red Velvet Zing Vodka, cream soda, lemon juice, strawberries

Run for the Roses Cocktail
orange vodka, peach brandy, southern sweet iced tea, lime juice, Chambord

Sage Lady
mango vodka, Cointreau, fresh sage, cucumber, simple syrup, peach bitters

Rock Star Root Beer
root beer and vanilla vodkas, ginger ale

Root Beer Floatini
root beer vodka, amaretto, vanilla ice cream

Ruby Slippers
rainbow sherbert and cake vodkas, half and half

vanilla vodka, Bailey's Irish creme mint chocolate

Salted Caramel Rocky Road
Effen Salted Caramel Vodka, dark creme de cacao liqueur, half and half, simple syrup

Sinclairs Sunshine
orange and mango vodkas, triple sec, orange juice, sour mix

Shamrock Smoothie
melon vodka, triple sec, orange curacao

Santa's Whiskers
honey vodka, calvados, agave nectar, Angostura bitters

tangerine vodka, lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, lemon-lime soda

Sinister Spirit
peach vodka, amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice

Skinny Pomegranate Cocktail
citrus vodka, honey syrup, lime juice, pomegranate juice

Sparkling Shamrock
pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, lemon juice, simple syrup, lemonade or club soda

raspberry vodka, blackberry brandy, Malbec, triple sec, passion fruit syrup, soda, fruits

Spiked Three-O Mocha
espresso vodka, hot chocolate, amaretto

Spiced Pumpkin Martini
spiced pumpkin infused vodka, pumpkin puree, spiced syrup, ginger

Spirited Punch
honey vodka, rye whiskey, ginger liqueur, orange oolong tea, vanilla sugar, orange juice, lemon juice

Dutch caramel vodka, Irish cream, chocolate liqueur, amaretto, cream

Spiced Pumpkin
pumpkin pie vodka, Irish cream liqueur, half & half

Sunset Strip
Absolut Los Angeles, lime and cranberry juices, watermelon, simple syrup

Starry Lime
apple vodka, cranberry juice, basil, lime juice

Talking Monkey
chocolate and espresso vodkas, banana liqueur, coffee liqueur, cream

Starlet Cocktail
orange vodka, absinthe, black raspberry liqueur, Champagne

Strawberries 'n Cream
strawberry shortcake vodka, strawberry preserves, milk, strawberry syrup

Sweet Heat
ginger vodka, habanero peppers, agave nectar, lime juice, candied ginger

Tootsie Roll ( shooter)
chocolate vodka, amaretto, chocolate syrup

Thanksgiving Cider
pumpkin pie vodka, apple cider, club soda

Sweetheart Swizzle
citrus vodka, lime syrup, Angostura bitters, tonic water

Trainer Approved
Absolut Los Angeles vodka, lemon juice, agave nectar, soda

Toffee Apple
citrus vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, toffee syrup

Tuscan Pear
pear vodka, lemoncello, ginger liqueur, simple syrup, orange juice

US of A Rocks
passion fruit vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, lemon juice, simple syrup

tomato vodka, lime, cherry tomatoes, basil infused simple syrup

Triple Espresso Martini
triple shot espresso vodka, coconut rum, amaretto

UV Pink Flamingo
UV Lemonade Vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec

UV Liberty
UV Blue Vodka, raspberry sherbert, lemon-lime soda

Vampire's Kiss
blood orange vodka, Midori, pineapple juice, cream, grenadine

Twisted Berry
pineapple and acai-blueberry vodkas, pineapple, lime juices, blueberry syrup

Vanilla Rose
rosemary-infused vodka, dry vermouth, lavender simple syrup, vanilla bean, lemon juice

Very Berry Cosmo
blueberry Vodka, Chambord, triple sec, cranberry juice

Vampire Juice
lime vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, steak sauce, hot sauce, radish garnish

Vanilla Latte
vanilla vodka, cream liqueur, coffee

Vanilla Vixen
vanilla & citrus vodkas, Midori melon liqueur, lime juice

VodkaHerb Martini
Sonnema VodkaHERB, dry vermouth, cucumber

Sonnema VodkaHerb, thyme, maple syrup, cranberry juice

Victoria's Secret
citrus vodka, creme de fraises, lemon juice

Zombie's Brew
Three Olives Tartz Vodka, triple sec, lemonade

Whipped Sunset
whipped cream vodka, pineapple juice, sour mix, grenadine

White Chocolatini
vanilla vodka, Godiva White Chocolate, cream

Voodoo Priestess
Absolut New Orleans vodka, mango puree, DeKuyper Anisette liqueur, simple syrup, mint leaves

orange vodka, blue curacao, champagne

Zen Milk Bath
vanilla vodka, Zen Green Tea Liqueur, nigori sake, milk, matcha powder

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