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Aperitif Recipes

Aperitifs are refreshing drinks that are typically served before a dinner to stimulate the appetite and include some of the oldest cocktails.

#26 Cocktail
Pernod absinthe, sweet vermouth, red grapes, lime, simple syrup and orange juice

Admiral Benbow
Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, lime juice

sherry, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth

scotch, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth

campari, sweet vermouth, club soda

Autumn Leaves
pisco, Drambuie, Campari, lime juice

Bamboo Cocktail
sherry, dry vermouth, orange and Angostura bitters

Belle of the Ball
brandy, Irish Cream, Italian bitter liqueur, herbal liqueur, mole bitters

Boulevardier Cocktail
bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, Campari

Campari & Soda
Campari, soda water

Campari Cocktail
Campari, vodka

Campari Cosmo
SKYY Citrus Vodka, Campari, triple sec, orange juice

Celebration of Citrus
Campari, sweet vermouth, grapefruit juice, orange juice, jalapeno pepper, Cava sparkling wine

Chocolate Cocktail
maraschino liqueur, blackberry liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse, egg

sweet and dry vermouth, applejack, apricot brandy or peach bitters

Double Eagle Cocktail
bourbon whiskey, Thai basil, Aperol, simple syrup, grapefruit peel

Dubonnet Cocktail
Dubonnet, gin

dry and sweet vermouth, orange bitters

Durango Royale
aquavit, Kahlua Cinnamon Spice Coffee Liqueur, lemon juice, sparkling apple cider

brandy, sweet vermouth, Grand Marnier

Fresh Squeeze
light and guava rums, Campari, sour mix, lemon

Gin & Bitters
gin, Angostura bitters

gin, lime juice

Gin & It
gin, sweet vermouth

Gin & Tonic
gin, tonic water

Good Times
Old Tom gin, dry vermouth

Ides of March
bourbon whiskey, Aperol, blood orange syrup, lemon juice

dry vermouth, gin, maraschino liqueur

whiskey, sweet vermouth

gin, dry vermouth, triple sec

gin, dry vermouth

Laura Cocktail
bourbon whiskey, Campari, Galliano, sweet and dry vermouth

Leviathan No. 2
Cognac, sweet and dry vermouths, orange juice, Becherovka

sweet vermouth, gin, Campari

dry vermouth, peach liqueur

Old Pal Cocktail
Canadian whisky, dry vermouth, Campari

gin, apricot brandy, orange juice

Pegu Club Cocktail
gin, orange liqueur, Angostura bitters, lime juice

Perfect Manhattan
bourbon, sweet and dry vermouth, bitters

Red Carpet
vodka, Campari, pomegranate schnapps, pomegranate juice, simple syrup

Pimm's No. 1

Rhyme & Reason
cachaca, Aperol, cinnamon simple syrup, lime juice, grapefruit juice

Rimbaud's Left Hand
Pernod absinthe, Benedictine, Aperol orange, lemon juice, pineapple juice, egg white, rose water

sweet vermouth, creme de cassis, prosecco

Campari, lemoncello, blood orange juice

gin, cherry brandy, dry vermouth

Scotch Manhattan
scotch, sweet vermouth

Sherry Cobbler
sherry, sugar, orange

vodka, sweet vermouth, Campari

Vermouth Cassis
dry vermouth, creme de cassis

vodka, ouzo

gin, Dubonnet

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