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Americano Cocktail - Campari Americano Cocktail

Americano Cocktail

Photo Courtesy of: © Campari USA
The Americano is a gentle introduction to the unusual, bitter taste of Campari. A true classic cocktail, it was first served in the 1860's at Garspare Campari's bar in Milan, Italy. The Americano was originally name the Milano-Torino because of the origins of it's ingredients, but was later renamed because of its popularity amongst American tourists during Prohibition. This cocktail with it's acquired taste, was also the first cocktail ordered by James Bond in the first novel, Casino Royale, the Vesper Martini (or the manner in which it was ordered) overshadowed the Americano in the books and movies.

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes

Yield: 1 Cocktail



  1. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.
  2. Build with the Campari and vermouth.
  3. Top off with club soda.
  4. Garnish with the lemon twist or orange slice.

Switch to a highball glass and add more club soda for a tall thirst quencher.

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