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Edible Cocktails by Natalie Bovis

From Garden to Glass - Seasonal Cocktails with a Fresh Twist

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Edible Cocktails by Natalie Bovis

Edible Cocktails by Natalie Bovis

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Natalie Bovis, aka The Liquid Muse, shines once again in this fun new book that is her most extensive to date. In Edible Cocktails: From Garden to Glass - Seasonal Cocktails with a Fresh Twist, Bovis covers the gamut of fresh cocktails and mixers, including making your own shrubs and planting a garden with the bar in mind. This book, filled with its invaluable advice, tips, tricks, and recipes should be considered the new essential volume to add to your cocktail library.

Refreshing Reference

Edible Cocktails is more than a cocktail recipe book. Yes, there are many (150+) drink recipes that range from standards like the Sidecar and Michelada to Bovis' originals such as the Bacon Cherry Creek and Mango Nuclear Daiquiri. Sangrias, martinis, collins, and many other favorites make an appearance in the book, each with fresh twists that are inspirational and fun to explore.

The book begins as many others with a chapter called Mixology Basics, where you can brush up on or learn the basics of mixing cocktails. Then she goes right into the garden with a chapter that explains how and what to plant or look for at the market to ensure your cocktails are the freshest available. As a 'bar gardener,' I appreciate her tips for integrating the bar into the garden and her plant lists are spot on, including the most useful herbs, vegetables, and fruits. If you are short on plantable ground, Bovis includes tips for creating kitchen gardens and finding the best produce at your local market as well as preserving fresh ingredients in preparation for the off season.

Beyond the cocktails themselves, Bovis has done a spectacular job of showing us how to make our own mixers and other ingredients. This influential aspect turns this into a reference that I can see myself using for years to come, particularly when I need to get out of a rut. She explains how to make jams and the like and how to use them in drinks. Her syrup list is one of the most extensive I have seen and range from the base simple syrup and flower water syrups to a Hibiscus-Cabernet Syrup and Bangkok Lemongrass-Agave Syrup. She also touches on purees, of which the Carrot- and Beet-Gingered Puree is my favorite, as well as the vinegar-based shrubs. Homemade liqueurs and bitters, infusions, how to mix with dairy, eggs, and meat... all of it and more is here, making this one of the most extensive modern mixology books that has come across my desk as of late.

Chapter Outline for Edible Cocktails:

  • Mixology Basics
  • Garden to Glass
  • Grape to Glass
  • Party with Preserves: Syrup, Jams, Purees, and Shrubs
  • Mixing it Up: Infusions, Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Liqueurs, and Bitters
  • Mixers, Garnishes, and Ice
  • More Cocktail Recipes!

Edible Cocktails Details:

  • Written by Natalie Bovis
  • 224 pages with full-color images
  • Paperback
  • Cover Price: $17.95
  • Published by Adams Media, April 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1440529726
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