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The Everything Bartender's Book, 3rd Edition, by Cheryl Charming

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Everything Bartender's Book by Cheryl Charming

Everything Bartender's Book - Your Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, Mixed Drinks, and More! by Cheryl Charming

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The Bottom Line

In August, 2010 Cheryl Charming's latest book was released and added to her long list of fun, hip bartending guides. Though this release is a revision of The Everything Bartender's Book it is nearly an all new book that keeps the same easy to reference format with new information and drink recipes, and updated information on bartending techniques and spirits. If you have one of the other editions of this book you will definitely want to go for the upgrade, it is well worth the $11 price tag.
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  • 1,000 popular cocktails and mixed drink recipes that you will actually use.
  • Updated to include new drink recipes.
  • The tips and history of spirits and drinks are revised and more expansive.
  • Recipes are divided by base spirit, wine, beer, etc. for easy reference.
  • If you have an earlier edition you are going to want the upgrade.


  • None.


  • Full title: Everything Bartender's Book - Your Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, Mixed Drinks, and More!
  • Written by: Cheryl Charming
    Website & blog at MissCharming.com
  • Published by: Adams Media Corp
  • 3rd edition released in August, 2010
  • 399 page paperback
  • MSRP: $10.95 (US) $12.99 (Canada)

Guide Review - The Everything Bartender's Book, 3rd Edition, by Cheryl Charming

What I've always enjoyed about Cheryl Charming's books is that she allows her personality to shine through in her writing. If you know Cheryl you realize she is one of the funnest people you will meet and she really knows her stuff behind the bar. The Everything Bartender's Bookis more of a bar reference than her other books but her personality is still there. This is not a boring bar guide.

I'm glad that this new edition came out now because after 3 years of heavy use my copy of the 2nd edition is showing its age and use with a lot of notes and liquid stained pages. It is also great timing because the bar and cocktail world has changed so much over the last three years. Drinks like the Esquire, Pink Peony, and Chatham Hotel Special are among the 250 new drink recipes, while the new hit honey syrup makes an appearance in Starting from Scratch: Homemade Recipes, which is one of my favorite chapters.

As with the previous edition, this is a valuable reference for both home bartenders and aspiring pros. Many of the popular classic drinks are marked with a martini glass to indicate that it is a drink you should be familiar with. The very first page - even before Charming's introduction - is a list of 10 facts every bartender should know and include tips like when the cocktail was invented to how to correctly pronounce certain difficult spirits so you don't look like an idiot when you talk about Pernod (pur-NO), for instance. And, of course, the book is has sidebars of random information scattered throughout it that you can use to further your knowledge of the bar and turn into trivia the next time you're at the pub with your friends. When behind the bar these tidbits are great for entertaining patrons and guests and you can never have enough.

Overall, The Everything Bartender's Book is another hit for Charming and is one of the bartending guides you should have in your library.

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