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Canadian Whisky

Canadian whiskies are typically a blended whisky and can have a variety of characteristics. This category of whiskey is often the least expensive available but can include some amazing flavors and a few of the favorite brands of whiskey available.
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5 Great Canadian Whiskies
Canadian whiskies dont always get the respect they deserve. In certain circles, Canadian whiskies have achieved a reputation as a light, fruity and one dimensional spirit. In spite of that view, there are some very high quality Canadian whiskies on the market. Here are the top five available now.

Canadian Mist Whisky Distillery Tour
Distilled in Collingwood, Ontario, Canadian Mist is the second largest producer of Canadian whisky. This photo gallery includes images of a recent trip to the distillery, a cocktail mixing session with the whiskey and a review of the spirit and drinks that work with it and those that don't.

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