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Classic Gin Martini with Olives

Classic Gin Martini with Olives

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Updated April 21, 2014
Thousands of cocktails have been created since the first drink was mixed, but only a few have stood up to the test of time. From the 18th century Mint Julep and Eggnog to the Prohibition era Hurricane and Deauville Cocktail, these classics are just that, classic. Many of these cocktails remain favorites and are often called out in bars.

In compiling this list I've done my best to collect those recipes developed between the 1700's and the 1930's. However, many of the drinks' stories are disputed, some are rumors and some are just the current cocktail community's best guesses thanks to diligent research. Then again, there are many cocktails which should be included here but the stories of their creators or a clear reference to when they were created is not available.

As with all of my cocktail lists, this is an ongoing project and more recipes will be added in the future. Also note that many of these recipes have been adapted through the years and may not reflect the exact original recipe.

10 Classic Cocktails You Must Try...

This collection of cocktail recipes is an ongoing project and is updated regularly.


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