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Party Punch Recipe Collection

Save Time and Energy by Serving Punch at Your Next Party


Party punch recipes are fun to make and please the crowd

Party punch recipes are fun to make and please the crowd.

Howard Shooter / Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images
Alchemist Punch - Benedictine Liqueur

Alchemist Punch

Photo Courtesy: © Benedictine Liqueur
Spirited Punch - Domaine de Canton Party Punch

Spirited Punch

Photo Courtesy of: © Domaine de Canton

Sometimes, when you're hosting a large party the last thing you want is to be stuck behind the bar shaking cocktails. This not only takes some of the fun out of the party for you, but it also takes you away from your guests. One way around that is to recruit or hire a bartender to take care of the drink orders, but that could end up costing you quite a bit for labor and liquor, so another, cheaper, alternative is to serve a punch.

The recipes listed below are wonderful alcoholic (and some non-alcoholic) punches that are filled with flavor and, with a little creativity, the punch bowl can be dressed up to fit any occasion. It's the perfect solution to easily serve large groups.

How to Turn (Almost) Any Cocktail into a Party Punch...

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