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Warm Drinks for Cold Days


Irish coffee
Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

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Smorgas Chef's Glogg Warm Winter Cocktail


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The cold days of winter call for warm drinks. Those listed below are served warm, often in an Irish coffee glass or other heat resistant glass.

When making warm drinks it is important to pre-heat the glass. You can do this by heating some water then pouring that into the glass(es) while preparing the drink. By doing this your drink will stay warmer longer, just like freezing glasses for cold drinks keep the drink colder longer. The temperature of glassware is one of the keys to perfecting your cocktails.


Hot Coffee Cocktails:

Hot coffee is one of the most popular styles of warm drinks. The best hot coffee drinks are made with quality coffee that is thick and rich, with a French press being one way to make it.
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Hot Chocolate Cocktails:

Spiked hot chocolate recipes are always a favorite for the cold months of the year.
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Hot Tea Cocktails:

Hot tea mixed drinks are a lighter way to enjoy a warm drink on a cold day. There are many types of tea available to use and many of these recipes include recommendations, though feel free to experiment with your favorite.
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Hot Apple Cider Cocktails:

Hot apple cider is comforting on its own, but it is even better when mixed in drinks such as these.
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Warm Milk Cocktails:

Just a handful of mixed drinks use warm milk, though these are some of the best on this entire list. The one thing you need to remember when heating milk is to do so slowly and just for a few minutes to avoid scalding the milk.
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Other Warm Drinks:

The majority of these drinks use warm water to heat up the drink, though a few simply warm all of the drink's ingredients. Remember to use hot water, not boiling water. Boiling water can scorch some of the flavors in the drink's other ingredients and makes you wait a little longer to be able to drink it. Hot water will simply open up the drink's flavors.

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This collection of cocktail recipes is an ongoing project and is updated regularly.

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