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Rosé Berry Bliss Recipe


Rosé Berry Bliss - Clos du Bois Rosé Wine

Rosé Berry Bliss

Photo Courtesy of: ©Clos du Bois Rosé Wine

Wine punches are excellent ways to elegantly and conveniently serve a crowd and this Rosé Berry Bliss is one of my new favorites. I received it from Clos du Bois for their Toast to Women campaign to promote healthy hearts for women. Great cause, great punch and very easy to make.

Pull this one out for weddings, showers, brunch, Mother's Day or any time you want a fabulous drink. I have also tried this with half apricot juice and nectar instead of lemonade and that is equally tasty.

Makes 6-8 servings.

Watch the video: How to Make a Rosé Berry Bliss

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes

Yield: 1 Cocktail



  1. In a large pitcher, mix the Clos du Bois Rosé, frozen blueberries, and frozen pink lemonade together.
  2. Allow the flavors to marry in the refrigerator for an hour.
  3. Top with lemon-lime soda.

Recipe Courtesy: Clos du Bois Rosé

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