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Top 12 Eggnog Recipes


Although the basic recipe for eggnog is the same (eggs beaten with sugar, milk, cream and some kind of spirit) there are a variety of recipes that cover most occassions where eggnog may be served.

Serve eggnog at a party in a large punchbowl with "puddles" of whipped cream spaced over the suface, top this with grated nutmeg and set out with glass cups or Irish coffee glasses for a decorative touch.

Happy Noggin'

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1. Homemade Eggnog

Homemade Eggnog
Jim Jurica/E+/Getty Images

The traditional recipe for making eggnog. The recipe given serves 16 and is a perfect choice to keep holiday traditions alive at parties.

Homemade Eggnog recipe...

2. Rum Holiday Egg Nog

Rum Holiday Eggnog
jeff giniewicz/E+/Getty Images

An eggnog with rum and a touch of almond for a delightful single-serving recipe.

Rum Holiday Egg Nog recipe...

3. Brandy Eggnog

Quick Brandy Eggnog
Burke/Triolo Productions/Photolibary/Getty Images

A quick alternative to traditional "nog" that is perfect for making a glass or two at a time. If you're ordering eggnog at the bar, this is most likely what you'll get.

Brandy Eggnog recipe...

4. Bourbon Eggnog

Bourbon Eggnog
ma-k / E+ / Getty Images

A variation of the traditional eggnog that features Bulleit Bourbon and Hennessy VSOP Cognac. This recipe serves eight and can easily be adapted for an even larger crowd.

Bourbon Eggnog recipe...

5. Texas Farm Nog

Texas Farm Nog
Photo Courtesy: © Kimpton Restaurants

Tequila and sherry form the base for this very interesting eggnog that has a fantastic layer of flavors.

Texas Farm Nog recipe...

6. Cider Nog (non-alcoholic)

Cider Nog, a non-alcoholic eggnog drink
Lauri Patterson / E+ / Getty Images

This pre-Prohibition recipe has all the egg and none of the nog, replacing the liquor with cider.

Cider Nog recipe...

7. Easier Than Eggnog

Easier Than Eggnog Cocktail Recipe
Lauri Patterson / E+ / Getty Images

A fine, aged rum (DonQ Anejo) and a ruby port create the base of this unique and very easy shaken variation of eggnog.

Easier Than Eggnog recipe...

8. Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper - Trattoria Neapolis
Photo Courtesy: © Trattoria Neapolis

Here is refreshing take on the traditional recipe. The pear puree is an unexpected surprise that works very well against the eggs, dairy, and bourbon.

Santa's Little Helper recipe...


9. White Christmas

White Christmas Eggnog Cocktail
gordana jovanovic / E+ / Getty Images

A nice mixed cocktail with an eggnog base. The Southern Comfort and chocolate liqueur mask the full flavor the nog.

White Christmas recipe...

10. Low Carb Eggnog

Low Carb Eggnog
John A Rizzo/Photodisc/Getty Images

Low carb dieters can still enjoy some nog with this easy recipe.

Low Carb Eggnog recipe...

11. Low Fat Eggnog

Low Fat Eggnog
Lisa Thornberg/E+/Getty Images

All of the taste and half the calories of other eggnogs.

Low Fat Egg Nog recipe...

12. Vegan Eggnog

Vegan Eggnog
Robert S. Donovan/Moment/Getty Images

That's right, an eggnog without eggs! The combination of tofu and soy milk creates an animal friendly nog that tastes very similar to the traditional recipes.

Vegan Eggnog recipe...

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