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Haunting Halloween Cocktails

Scary Drinks for a Halloween Party


A lot of what makes Halloween what it is is the creation of a spooky atmosphere and anything and everything involved in a party can be converted from mundane to eerie very easily. Cocktails are no different. These haunting drinks are great ghastly additions to the Halloween theme: some are black as night while others have mysterious creatures hiding in the depths, all are a lot of fun. Also, have fun with garnishing, think of dressing up your drinks like you would yourself. Here are some creepy cocktail garnish ideas...

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Bayou Slime

Bayou Slime Cocktail Recipe - Halloween Martini
Photo Courtesy of: © Darko Zagar

The swamps of the bayou can be one of the scariest places and this cocktail has that same mystery of what could possibly be underneath that top layer of slime. It's really a great drink, sort of a creamy Mojito.

Bayou Slime recipe...

Black Martini

Black Martini
Lisa Romerein / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Black is the signature color for All Hallows Eve so why not make your Martini match the occasion? If black raspberry or blackberry flavors are not your thing, try a regular Vodka Martini made with Blavod (a black vodka).

Black Martini recipe...

Bloody Rum Punch

Don Q Bloody Rum Punch
David C. Humphreys / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Think of this punch as a blood red sangria that leaves the decorations around the punch bowl open to your creepy imagination. The drink is very simple and will appeal to many palates. By allowing you costumed guests to help themselves you're free to mix and mingle with the goblins and ghouls.

Bloody Rum Punch recipe...


Bloody-tini Cocktail Recipe - Veev Acai Spirit Halloween Cocktail
Photo Courtesy of: © Veev Acai

Sorry, no blood in this Bloody-tini, but it does have a deep red hue that could make your Halloween guests wonder. It is actually a very pleasant and light, making it an excellent and elegant cocktail for any affair.

Bloody-tini recipe...

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Cocktail - Bombay Sapphire Gin Halloween Cocktail
Photo Courtesy of: © Bombay Sapphire Gin

You will find that this cocktail doesn't taste exactly like the sweet candy it is named for, but it is just as sweet and delectable. The key ingredient is a special gin infusion of kettle corn, which is combined with a sweet dessert wine and unique syrup. The real candy corn does come in for a garnish also, giving you something to nibble.

Candy Corn recipe...

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Candy Corn Oranges

Candy Corn Oranges - Cointreau
Photo Courtesy: © Cointreau

Here we have a recipe that shows just one way to transform the ever-popular Jell-O Shot into a Halloween treat. Hollowed orange peels are the mold for layers of gelatin that are spiked with Cointreau. Add to that a little coconut milk and you have a great tasting, very fun party favor fitting for the holiday.

Candy Corn Oranges recipe...

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Corpse Reviver

Corpse Reviver #1 Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Many of us have felt like a corpse the morning after one too many drinks and there is a set of drinks designed specifically for reviving the living dead on just such an occasion.

The Corpse Reviver is a brandy-based drink and its classic counterpart, the Corpse Reviver #2, is an old-school gin take on the remedy. Many more renditions have been brewed up over the years, one of the most recent is the Corpse Reviver #2011. Any of these are perfect for the task of reversing that zombie-esque feeling or kicking your haunted night off right.

Devil's Handshake

Devil's Handshake Cocktail - Hornitos Plata Tequila
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The Devil's Handshake is one of my favorite Halloween-worthy mixed drinks. It's tall, refreshing and has a spicy ginger side amongst all the sweet fruit.

Devil's Handshake recipe...

Dracula's Kiss

Dracula's Kiss with Effen Black Cherry Vodka
Photo Courtesy of: © www.CocktailTimes.com

Here's a highball straight from Dracula's lips to yours. The red and black layers recreate the frightening atmosphere of a castle deep in Transylvania. At the door of this fortress smooth flavors of black cherry cola greet you and are accented with sweet grenadine that surges from the depths of the concoction.

Dracula's Kiss recipe...

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