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Holiday and Christmas Cocktail Recipe Collection

'Tis the Season for a Great Drink


Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit by Sweet Hospitality Group
Photo Courtesy: © Sweet Hospitality Group

Rum and ruby port form the base of this simple cocktail that is a delight to serve at any holiday gathering. The key ingredient here is a housemade cranberry-fig shrub that you will need to make two days in advance, though the spark that adds to the finished drink is worth a little extra effort.

Holiday Spirit recipe...

JMW's Poinsettia Punch

JMW's Poinsettia Punch Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Jason Westplate

 A fun update to a holiday favorite, this recipe won the holiday cocktail contest in 2013. It features Hendrick's Gin, Chambord, and three bitters alongside the allspice dram and cinnamon syrup base and is easy to mix up into a party punch.

JMW's Poinsettia Punch recipe...

La Vie En Rouge

La Vie En Rouge Cocktail - Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur
Photo Credit: © Dawn Giarrizzo

This beautiful crimson cocktail not only brings out the color of the season, but a few of the favorite flavors. It is a delectable mix of Grand Marnier orange liqueur, cranberry and rosemary and makes a stunning drink pairing for almost any holiday meal.

La Vie En Rouge recipe

Merry Christmas

Mixed Berry Fizz Cocktail - Finlandia Vodka Cup
Photo Courtesy: © Finlandia Vodka Cup

Spread the Christmas cheer with a round of these refreshing highballs. This drink features a holiday flavor favorite: cranberries and more cranberries. It's also makes a great mocktail when the gin is left out, giving you another option to serve to non-drinking guests.

Merry Christmas recipe

Merry Irishman

Merry Irishman Whiskey Mixed Drink - Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Cocktail
Photo Courtesy of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Whiskey, coffee and mint combine to create a very merry and very easy mixed drink. The Merry Irishman is great as an after dinner sipper or a relaxing Christmas Eve nightcap. That candy cane garnish not only leaves you a delicious treat when the drink's gone, but also is a handy stir stick.

Merry Irishman recipe

Mistletoe Martini

Mistletoe Martini
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Mix up a couple of Mistletoe Martinis and share them with your lover at a romantic dinner for two. Although it contains no actual mistletoe, this drink can be just as much an aphrodisiac as the age-old tradition.

Mistletoe Martini recipe

Mrs. Claus Wildside Punch

Mrs. Claus' Wildside Punch Recipe - X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
Photo Courtesy of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

I always thought that Mrs. Claus had to have a wild side, what with being stuck in the North Pole all the time while her husband gallivants around the world. So I'd also like to think that when the yearly tasks are complete she's sitting at home mixing up a special punch for Santa, the elves, and the reindeer to celebrate with. This just may be that drink, though tequila isn't the average taste I associate with the snowy north.

Mrs. Claus' Wildside Punch recipe

Palin's Christmas Punch

Jon Santer serves Palin's Christmas Punch, Martin Miller's Gin, Tales of the Cocktail 2009
Photo Credit: © Shannon Graham

It should be obvious who this punch is named after, and yes, it was created during the 2008 presidential election. However, it is one of the best punches I have ever had, with my first taste being at a Martin Miller's reception at Tales of the Cocktail. The combination of the Westbourne Gin with dates and pine are fabulous and truly a party drink that everyone will notice and remember for years.

Palin's Christmas Punch recipe

Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini

Peach Pomegranate Martini
Photo Courtesy: © Van Gogh Vodka

Very delightful and full of holiday spirit, this martini is filled with fruits and a touch of sweet. It is an elegant sipper and a nice pairing for any holiday meal, especially those with glazed ham as the main course.

Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini recipe


Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail
Steven Morris Photography / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Champagne and cranberries. These two holiday essentials combine in one elegant drink that is perfect for celebrations and intimate dining affairs.

Poinsettia recipe

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