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Holiday and Christmas Cocktail Recipe Collection

'Tis the Season for a Great Drink


Reindeer Caesar

Reindeer Caesar
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Take a Bloody Caesar, add some nutmeg on top and you have turned the everyday into a holiday. The "bloody" base makes for a great Christmas morning brunch cocktail packed full of vitamins to get you through the day. The spirits are just a bonus.

Reindeer Caesar recipe

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper - Trattoria Neapolis
Photo Courtesy: © Trattoria Neapolis

Here is a fun take on the classic eggnog recipe. It uses bourbon, but there's a little fruit surprise inside. That simple touch of pear makes this nog a holiday delight.

Santa's Little Helper recipe...


Santa Shot

Yes, there is a shooter for every occasion and Christmas is no exception. One thing you will notice with the Santa Shot is that it is pretty tame and the layered effect of red, green and white is very festive.

Santa Shot recipe

Santa's Whiskers

Santa's Whiskers Cocktail - 42Below Vodka
Photo Courtesy: © 42Below Vodka

This drink is soothing and a delight for the holidays. It's mix of honey-flavored vodka and the apple-flavored brandy known as calvados with a touch of bitters and nectar. Truly a delight, this one has the potential to become a holiday tradition.

Santa's Whiskers recipe

Spiced Silver Bell

Spiced Silver Bell Cocktail - Camarena Tequila
Photo Courtesy: © Camarena Tequila

Tequila may not be the first liquor you think of when it comes to holiday cocktails, but it is actually quite fitting because of drinks like this. Here, a luscious silver tequila is paired with a unique and useful cranberry spiced syrup that can also make an appearance in a number of other drinks.

Spiced Silver Bell recipe

Tezon Misteltoe

Tezon Mistletoe
Photo Courtesy of: © Tequila Tezon

This Mistletoe cocktail is holiday elegance at its finest. It is rare that tequila is brought into the celebrations of this season, but in this instance the champagne and pomegranate do a fantastic job of proving the point that tequila is great for any occasion.

Tezon Mistletoe recipe

Tom & Jerry

Classic Tom and Jerry Holiday Cocktail
James And James / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Truly a classic drink of the holidays, the Tom and Jerry has been a favorite for longer than almost any other cocktail. You will often find this as a seasonal special at bars and lounges because there's something about a well-made Tom and Jerry that screams Christmas.

Tom and Jerry recipe

White Christmas Dream

RumChata Martini Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © RumChata

A simply dreamy dessert drink for the holidays. This is a super smooth, creamy drink with the flavor of amaretto accented with a little nutmeg. A festive indulgence, indeed.

White Christmas Dream recipe

White Christmas

RumChata Banana Cream Pie Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © RumChata

Looking for an elegant way to serve eggnog? How about a drink that masks the majority of eggnog's flavor? A White Christmas is an excellent choice and a great alternative to offer guests who may not be extremely fond of plain old nog.

White Christmas recipe

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