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Holiday and Christmas Cocktail Recipe Collection

'Tis the Season for a Great Drink


The holidays are a favorite time of year for many people. This cheery season is filled with parties and events that bring the spirit of the season out in everyone. As a part of these festivities there are some wonderful drinks that you can serve that fit the holiday theme perfectly.

Traditional warm drinks are a great place to start and we cannot forget the wonders of eggnog (a drink that should be on everyone's Christmas list). Beyond those Christmas classics, the drinks listed below make great additions to any party or casual holiday gathering. Happy Holidays!

Angel's Delight

Angel's Delight Cocktail
© Patryk Kosmider / Dollar Photo Club

Creamy, pink and absolutely delightful, the Angel's Delight is a fabulous cocktail for those little indulgences we allow ourselves during the holidays. This semi-classic cocktail is ideal for dessert, but takes that genre into a different realm because of the underlying gin.

Angel's Delight recipe

Candy Cane

Citadelle Gin Peppermint Fling
Photo Courtesy: © Citadelle Gin

Create a candy cane in a glass complete with peppermint, chocolate and berry flavors. This is a delectable dessert drink that is further sweetened with a crushed peppermint candy rim.

Candy Cane recipe

Christmas Clementine Pomander

Christmas Clementine Pomander
Photo Courtesy: © KTCHN Restaurant

An aromatic cocktail that has a wonderful garnish of a slice of clementine studded with cloves, this is a perfect option for the holidays. The fruit cocktail does have a twist, however. It has a mezcal base, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it, the smoky version of tequila works very well here.

Christmas Clementine Pomander recipe...

Christmas Jones

Christmas Jones - Metro Marche, New York City
Photo Courtesy of: © Metro Marche

This sweet highball drink begins with a blend of strawberries, pineapple and vodka and is topped with lemon-lime soda for a refreshing holiday cocktail. It's topped with a mint garnish that adds a little cheer to the final presentation and is a great all-around holiday drink for two.

Christmas Jones recipe

Dreaming of Zen

Dreaming of Zen Cocktail - Zen Green Tea Liqueur and Midori Melon Liqueur
Photo Courtesy of Zen Green Tea Liqueur

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas and the kids of all the great presents that Santa is going to drop off, but for many of us the dream of the holiday season is just a little peace. That is where this calming cocktail comes in. The mix of fruits combines beautifully with Zen Green Tea Liqueur and cream for a soothing cocktail to help you zen out.

Dreaming of Zen recipe


Eggnog Martini - Mount Gay Rum
Photo Courtesy of © Mount Gay Rum

What would the holidays be without eggnog? It is a tradition and one that some love to follow while others are fine with passing on. Eggnog has developed over the years into a variety of forms and whether you're looking for the traditional punch or single cocktail versions or one of the newer adaptations, there may be a nog in this list that suits your needs.

Eggnog recipe collection

English Christmas Punch

Holiday Cranberry Punch - www.CocktailTimes.com
Photo Courtesy of: © www.CocktailTimes.com

Warm up your holidays with this wonderful punch recipe. It's also fun to make because it involves flaming the drink, which is always a spectacular sight, but in this case it's an entire punch bowl. This punch has a dark rum base that is enhanced by the flavors of red wine and tea. The recipe is for 27 servings, making it a great holiday party punch.

English Christmas Punch recipe


Midori Melon Ball Drop Cocktail
Photo Courtesy of Midori

Go green with this cocktail named for Dr. Seuss' classic holiday character. The red garnish is a symbol of the good heart that lies inside every Grinch. After one or two of these melon-flavored drinks even the meanest Grinch will have a smile on their face.

Grinch recipe

Holiday Hopper

Holiday Hopper Cocktail Recipe - Midori Melon Liqueur
Photo Courtesy of Midori

Melon, mint, chocolate and cream may not be the most likely of mixes, but the Holiday Hopper is one example that shows that it is a very viable taste. This pale green cocktail is absolutely delicious and an indulgence you deserve amid all of the holiday hoopla.

Holiday Hopper recipe

Holiday Spice

Ciroc Holiday Spice Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Ciroc Vodka

The Ciroc Holiday Spice brings that creamy coconut and pineapple taste we love in a Pina Colada, amplifies it with coconut vodka, milk, and egg, then tops everything off with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. It is a fun drink, something completely different from what we normally associate with the season, and uplifting and comforting in one sip.

Holiday Spice recipe

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