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Magnificent Mother's Day Martinis


For everything she has done and will continue to do for her family. For all of the sacrifices and hugs and kisses throughout the years, Mom deserves a special day, a day where it's all about her and thanking her for her devotion. The cards, gifts, meals and thank yous are great, but wouldn't Mom like a good drink? If you can answer that question with a "yes" then here are a few cocktails that she is sure to enjoy.

Mocktails for Mother's Day

Blushing Lady

Ultimat Vodka Spin Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Patron Spirits Company
The Blushing Lady is a perfectly designed fruity cocktail that is the right blend of tropical flavors and looks stunning when served in it sugar-rimmed glass.


Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Flor de Caña Rum
Photo Courtesy: © Flor de Caña Rum
The Coriandrum uses a simple coriander-flavored nectar by infusing agave nectar with coriander seeds, showing off the flavors of freshness and symbolizing the rebirth of spring.

Goose in Spring

Goose in Spring Cocktail - Vodka Cocktail Contest Winner
Photo Courtesy: © Elijah Venanzi
This cocktail was inspired by a mother's garden and instantly transports the drinker to that very memory of their own. The subtle, yet impressive, mix is one of lavender, raspberry, and elderflower. It is simply delightful and will have your mother smiling.

Gabrielle's X-Rated Kiss

Gabrielle's X-Rated Kiss Cocktail - X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
Photo Courtesy of: © X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
This is a fun Martini that uses one of the best "chic" liqueurs, X-Rated Fusion. Pair its unique fruity mix with your favorite vodka and raspberry liqueur and you have a fantastic purple potation. It was inspired by TV diva mom, Gabrielle Solis from Desperate Houswives.

Tea Tini

Tea Tini
Photo Courtesy: © Agate Surrey and Photographer Tim Turner
It's tea time and Mom is sure to love this light Martini. This Martini also begs for a splash of flavor and adding a small amount of berry, lavender, rosemary or chamomile to the steeping tea is subtle yet soothing.

In & Out Lemontini

In & Out Lemontini
Photo Courtesy: © Hendrick's Gin
Springtime freshness for dessert. The In & Out Lemontini transforms the dry In & Out Martini into a sweet dessert cocktail. It does this by replacing vermouth with lemoncello, which is best kept chilled in the freezer.

White Lady

Toffee Apple Cocktail Belvedere Vodka
Photo Courtesy: © Belvedere Vodka
A more gentile, mother like variation of the Sidecar, the White Lady can make a simple, stunning appearance on Mother's Day. With only three common ingredients, this is a great last minute cocktail creation.

Glamour Girl Martini

Glamour Girl Martini
Photo Courtesy of: © Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio
The Glamour Girl Martini is a wine cocktail that features Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio, a fruity pink wine that plays nicely with the peach and cranberry flavors in this Martini.

Melon Cucumber-tini

SKYY Melon Cucumber-tini
Photo Credit: © SKYY Spirits
Surprisingly, melons and cucumbers combine well for a unique flavor and aroma. This cocktail of fresh, summery scents is a perfect way to pamper your mother.

Pink Lady

Cherry Blossom Tini Cocktail - by Allen Katz - Gekkeikan Sake
Photo Courtesy: © Gekkeikan Sake
Slightly more complicated, yet in no way inferior, the Pink Lady is a gem of a cocktail. It has a classy feel, because the egg white creates a "foam" that floats on top, almost like a well adorned hat.

Pom-X Martini

G'Spot Cocktail - G'Vine Gin
Photo Courtesy: © G'Vine Gin
The Pom-X Martini is simply extra fruity, pink Martini that blends pomegranate vodka and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. It is a hit among women and sure to be the sweetness Mom deserves this Mother's Day.

Rosy Rum Cosmo

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Photo Credit: © Shannon Graham
Go beyond the popular Cosmopolitan and impress Mom with the Rosy Rum Cosmo. It's as easy a conversion as using rum and a mint leaf to obtain a special drink just for her.
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