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St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes

Luck O' The Irish in Drinks


Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold Cocktail -  Voli Vodka
Photo Courtesy: © Voli Vodka

Sweet with a spicy side, this is the Pot of Gold and it is a darling of a drink. It is a low calorie vodka recipe with mint, elderflower, cucumber, and ginger beer comprising the most interesting of flavors. Give it a try and feel good about your nutrition choices at the same time.

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Shamrock Shaker

Shamrock Shaker
Photo Credit: © www.cocktailtimes.com

Smooth and creamy, the Shamrock Shaker is an absolute delight and is a perfect green tipple for any St. Patrick's Day celebration. The Kahlua and amaretto combine for a delicious after dinner drink and the green and gold garnish are perfect finishing touches.

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Shamrock Smoothie

SKYY Shamrock Smoothie
Photo Credit: © SKYY Spirits

Get a little fruity on St. Patrick's Day with this melon-flavored vodka cocktail that simulates a Margarita. For an extra touch rim the glass with green salt or sugar and garnish with a lime wheel cut with a shamrock cookie cutter that floats on the top.

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Sparkling Shamrock

Grey Goose La Poire Sparkling Shamrock
Photo Courtesy: © Grey Goose

For those in the mood for a fruity, green cocktail, hold the whiskey, the Sparkling Shamrock is a nice option. This mix of Grey Goose's pear vodka, fresh cucumber and mint, and elderflower liqueur is a refreshing way to celebrate both St. Patrick's Day and the onset of spring at the same time.

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Zesty Irishman

Zesty Irishman - Drambuie Liqueur
Photo Courtesy: © Drambuie Liqueur

You will find the Zesty Irishman to be a most interesting cocktail that mixes a great Irish whiskey with Drambuie. This drink also gets its snappy taste from citrus and ginger ale.

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Irish Coffee Drop (shooter)

Irish Coffee Drop Shooter - Van Gogh Vodka
Photo Courtesy of: © Van Gogh Vodka

Who needs a Jager Bomb when the Irish Car Bomb is entirely filled with Irish spirits? This popular shot is great for a group of friends who want a challenge and have a ride home for the night. The strong shot is filled with Guinness, Irish cream and Irish whiskey, not a bad mix but a powerful one.

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Shamrocked (shooter)

Shamrocked Shooter - St. Patrick's Day Green Shots - Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
Photo Courtesy of: © Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Take the green of Midori, a smooth Irish whiskey and a luscious Irish cream liqueur, shake it together and you've been Shamrocked. This delightful shooter is ideal for anyone who, even those that don't typically drink shots, because it's light, tasty and green.

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