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The Best Cocktails for Brunch


Jamaican Cobbler

For a meal that includes blueberry pancakes, a Jamaican Cobbler is a wonderful fit. The coffee flavor of Tia Maria and garnish of fresh blueberries or raspberries are a great complement to a brunch that includes berries.


Here is another great Champagne cocktail that is a wonderful addition to any brunch. A Mimosa is the bubbly version of a Screwdriver and can work well with any food you choose to serve at brunch.

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe
Photo Courtesy of: © www.CocktailTimes.com
A muffin, a grapefruit, and a Sea Breeze combine for a simple and quick brunch on short notice.

Fuzzy Navel

This simple mixed drink is light on the alcohol but heavy on the fruit, which makes it a prime candidate for any brunch. If your feeling a little wilder one morning, add vodka to the peach schnapps and orange juice for a Hairy Navel.

Abbey Cocktail

Orange Martini
Photo Credit: © Colleen Graham
Gin and orange juice combine for this easy neat drink and the dash of orange bitters adds the right finishing touch.
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