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The Best Cocktails for Brunch

15 Drinks Perfect for the Mid-Morning Meal


Light drinks with fruity flavors are perfect for a light brunch with a few friends. One of the keys to drink pairings for this mid-morning meal is to choose a cocktail that compliments the style of food being served. For example, a Screwdriver or Melon Patch are wonderful matches for a fresh fruit brunch while a Bloody Mary works well with heartier foods.

Below are a number of brunch-friendly cocktails and mocktails.


Screwdriver cocktail
Bill Boch/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A screwdriver is a staple for any brunch because it is easy to make and pairs well with any type of food.

Screwdriver recipe...

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
Tom Grill / The Image Bank / Getty Images

The tomato flavor of a Bloody Mary is an excellent choice for brunch. While this will not work well with fruity meals, it is excellent with casseroles, pancakes, and the like. Since beer is usually not a good choice for the morning, this cocktail is also a good option for watching a morning college football game.

Bloody Mary recipe...

Melon Patch

Melon Patch Cocktail
Thomas Barwick / Digital Vision / Getty Images

This melon-flavored cocktail is a delightful treat for a light fresh fruit brunch. It is a favorite on summer days when served with a fruit salad filled with cherries, melons, pineapple, and apples.

Melon Patch recipe...

Sweet Sunrise (non-alcoholic)

Virgin Sunrise
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The Virgin Sunrise (or Sweet Sunrise) is simple and rather logical once you think about it: orange juice and grenadine, or a Tequila Sunrise, hold the tequila. It's sunrise effect adds some life to the drink and makes a great presentation to pair with a light brunch of fruits and pastries.

Sweet Sunrise recipe...


Bellini Cocktail
Joseph De Leo / Photolibrary / Getty Images

If you want to go all out for brunch, step it up with class by hosting a Champagne brunch and feature a Bellini cocktail. This peachy drink works well with fish and white meat dishes as well as light omelets.

Bellini recipe...

Reno Cocktail (non-alcoholic)

Reno Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The Reno Cocktail is one of the best "true mocktails" around because it truly mocks its alcoholic cousins. For a more elegant brunch atmosphere, or when you just want the feel of a cocktail without the booze, this is neat grapefruit-based drink is absolutely perfect.

Reno Cocktail recipe...

Kiwi Mango Mint

Kiwi Mango Mint Cocktail
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This mix of mango nectar and kiwi-infused vodka is light and tall and the hint of mint adds a nice wake me up for the rest of the day.

Kiwi Mango Mint recipe...


Greyhound Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

For a simple grapefruit cocktail a Greyhound is at the top of the list. Having both grapefruit and orange juice on hand will give your guests a choice between this cocktail and a Screwdriver.

Greyhound recipe...

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Cocktail
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If you are offering your brunch guests coffee or espresso anyway it only makes sense to give them the option of adding a little "spirit" to their joe. Topping the coffee with whipped cream also adds a little elegance to the average coffee mug and lessens the taste of the whiskey.

Irish Coffee recipe...

Green Grape Glacier (non-alcoholic)

Green Grape Glacier Smoothie
Alexandra Grablewski / Digital Vision / Getty Images

For a non-alcoholic drink option a Green Grape Glacier is an absolute delight. Not only do you have a beautiful looking, great tasting drink but the frozen grape garnish adds a little appetizer to the meal.

Green Grape Glacier recipe...

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