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Top 10 Cold Weather Cocktails

Warm Up this Winter with a Great Drink


It is cold outside and you want a great drink to help you warm up. Well, this list includes a number of the best drinks for doing just that.

Many whiskey, brandy, and rum cocktails are great choices for cold winter days. Some of these are served warm while others simply have the taste and feel of warmth and comfort

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1. Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy
Susie Cushner/Photolibrary/Getty Images

How can you beat a Hot Toddy on a cold day? This is a drink that you can take in any direction you like to fit your mood, taste, or what you happen to have on hand. Rum, whiskey, and brandy are commonly used, but if you have not allowed heat to enliven the botanicals of a good gin before, you are missing out, because a Gin Toddy is a wonderful thing. Then, there is the tea, which can be any style you enjoy and an take the toddy in an entirely new direction.

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2. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Cocktail
Steve Allen / Stockbyte / Getty Images

This is one of the iconic ways to enhance (and spike) your coffee and it will long remain one of the favorites. The classic Irish Coffee is simple: Irish Whiskey, sugar, cream, and the richest, strongest coffee you can make. It will warm you up and rejuvenate your senses unlike any other steaming mug can.

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3. Bloody Mary

Bloody Maria and Bloody Tini Cocktails
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The ultimate drink for chilly mornings and watching the big game, the Bloody Mary is an ingenious creation that also comes in many varieties. You can make it as spicy as you like, mix in a different juice like clamato, or switch out the vodka for another spirit. My favorite option is the last one and I will opt for tequila for a Bloody Maria any day.

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4. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum
Richard Jung / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Here we have the best fireside cocktail you will find. Sweet, spicy, and warm, it does not get much more relaxing than a Hot Buttered Rum after a long winter day. Here's the best part: you can make the batter ahead of time to make it even easier.

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5. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

For a warm up on the rocks, this Scotch and Drambuie cocktail is an excellent idea. Despite being chilled, this easy, soothing drink does a nice job of warming your blood with its smoky, honeyed, herbal combination.

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6. B&B

B&B Cocktail
Steve Allen / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Smooth and subtle. Choose a quality brandy for this drink as it can make or break the classic cocktail. It is one of the coziest of drinks, simply made of brandy and Benedictine, and is served at room temperature so you can hold the snifter without getting a chill.

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7. Manhattan

Manhattan Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

If you are looking for something in the realm of a Martini that is ideal for cold days, the Manhattan would have to be it. Make this with rye, bourbon, or Canadian whiskies - choosing only premium brands - or try out another style of whiskey in the drinks below.

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8. Tom and Jerry

Classic Tom and Jerry Holiday Cocktail
James And James / Stockbyte / Getty Images

The Tom and Jerry is a favorite for the holidays and there are still a few old-fashioned bars that will serve this up for patrons on special occasions. It is best described as a warm eggnog with both brandy and rum. It is a fantastic classic.

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9. Toastie (shooter)

A shot that is guaranteed to warm up your blood and taste great as well. The combination of cinnamon schnapps and amaretto is unbelievably smooth and satisfying and it is the one shot that I will never turn down.

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10. Snowball (shooter)

 On the other side of the shooter flavor spectrum, this fun little drink mixes two favorite flavors of winter to create a mint-chocolate shot. Brandy is the third ingredient and you can use your favorite peppermint schnapps and chocolate liqueur to compliment it.

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