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Peach Cocktails

Enjoy the sweet taste of the peach


White Peach Julep
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Peach Julius

Peach Julius

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Bellini Cocktail


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The peach is a wonderful fruit for mixed drinks. It's sweet flavor pairs with a number of other flavors and there are a variety of ways to add it to our drinks. Many of us are most familiar with peach schnapps (a winter favorite for warming the blood) or the handful of peach flavored vodkas and brandies available. However, I think the best peach cocktails are in the first list, especially those made with fresh peaches when they peak during the summer.

Fresh Peach, Peach Juice and Nectar Cocktails:

Few drinks rival the taste of those that use fresh peaches at the height of the harvest and many of these drinks celebrate this fruit perfectly. Others in this list use peach juice (easily attainable by juicing the fresh fruit) or peach nectar, which is a convenient way to get the fruit's flavor year-round. Feel free to experiment with the many varieties of peaches that are in season during the summer, each will bring their unique twist into the finished cocktail.

The peach ingredient is indicated for each recipe. Those with no notation use the fresh fruit.

Peach Liquor Cocktails:

Many of the drinks below are typically made with peach schnapps, though there are some wonderful peach-flavored liqueurs such as those by Bols, Mathilde, and Marie Brizard that can be used as a substitute, or you can make your own. Also, some of these recipes use peach brandy or peach vodka, and a few accent the drinks with peach bitters.

Though it includes other fruits and flavorings and really is in a category of its own, this list does include drinks that use Southern Comfort. This whiskey-based liquor is often thought of as being peach-flavored whiskey because that fruit is one of the dominant tastes.

Read more about peaches, find prep tips and more recipes at Southern Food on About.com.

This collection of cocktail recipes is an ongoing project and is updated regularly.

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