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Curacao Liqueurs


A Variety of Curacao Liqueurs - Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean

A Variety of Curacao Liqueurs - Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean

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Blue Margarita

Blue Margarita

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Mai Tai Cocktail
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Curaçao Cocktails

Curaçao (pronounced kurra-sow) liqueur is a sweet, orange-flavored distilled spirit. It is often made from the dried peels of small laraha oranges that are more bitter than common oranges. Curaçao liqueur is the oldest style of orange liqueur known and is often called for in classic cocktail recipes.

There are four colors of curaçao available : orange, blue, green, and white. Orange is the most commonly used and if a recipe does not note a specific color, either the orange or white are the best choices. Blue curaçao is the most popular way to create blue cocktails and is found in many of these recipes. Green curaçao is still made, though is not as commonly found as orange or blue curaçao. Nonetheless, the color options of curaçao can be used to create drinks of different colors while maintaining the general flavor of the drink. If you do switch out the curaçao to get a different color effect, do be aware of how the color will be affected by the cocktail's other ingredients (e.g. blue curaçao with pineapple juice will create an aquamarine colored drink).

Note: Blue curaçao is also available in a non-alcoholic form. This is useful when you want to turn mocktails a shade of blue. This curaçao can often be found in the mixer section of the liquor store, next to the grenadine, sodas, and lime juice.

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