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The Glassware Tour


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The Bar Glassware Tour
A Variety of Glassware for the Bar

A Variety of Glassware for the Bar

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Most cocktail recipes suggest a style of glassware that works well with or is typically used for that drink. This glassware tour will give you an idea of the basic shapes of each style of glass as well as how many ounces each will typically hold and which types of drinks each is used for.

Within the following pages I have also marked a few of the glasses as a "Must-Have" for the well-stocked bar. Use this feature to choose the essential glassware to buy for your new bar. When shopping for glasses, you will find a variety of designs within each style and this is half of the fun. Look for interesting features that match your bar's style and don't be afraid to shop second-hand sources because vintage glassware has some of the best designs you will find.

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