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Tall Specialty Glasses
Irish Coffee, Hurricane Glasses and Brandy Snifter

Irish Coffee, Hurricane Glasses and Brandy Snifter

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

These are a few tall specialty glasses that you will run into in a number of cocktail recipes. Each has a specific style of drink which they are used for and, while they are not called for as often as the previous glasses, they are useful to have around, particularly if you are fond of any of these cocktails.

Irish Coffee Glass (left) - This footed glass is used for hot drinks and, traditionally, for an Irish Coffee. It is a nicer way to present warm drinks than the average mug and is made with heat-resistant glass. They typically hold between 8 and 10 ounces.

Hurricane Glass (middle) - The distinct pear-shaped curve of this glass is reminiscent of vintage hurricane lamps, which gave it its name. It is used for the aptly named Hurricane Cocktail and often for Pina Coladas and other frozen drinks. The footed glass holds between 10 and 12 ounces.

Brandy Snifter (right) - As the name implies, this glass is used for brandy, particularly sipping it straight. Though it is a very large glass, only a standard pour of around 2 ounces goes inside. The idea behind the snifter is to allow the drinker to enjoy all of the aspects of brandy: watch it swirl inside, noticing its legs and color, take in the aromas trapped inside, and slowly take a sip. It is also used for a few simple brandy drinks, most notably the aromatic B&B. If you enjoy fine brandy, this will be an essential glass for you.
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