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Cocktail Glass
Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

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*A Must-Have Glass

The familiar conical shape of the cocktail glass makes most of us think of Martinis, and so it should. It is the most popular drink that is served in this glass and because of that, many people will call this a 'martini' glass.

Cocktails between 3 and 6 ounces and served 'up' without ice. The variety of martinis, many classic cocktails, and almost any short drink can be served in a cocktail glass.

Though it is now common to have stemless cocktail glasses (pictured on the right), the stem serves a purpose. It allows the drinker to carry the glass without warming the drink with body heat, which is essential to keeping these non-iced drinks colder for a longer period.

As with margarita glasses, some cocktail glasses can come in very large sizes and can even go up to 10 ounces. This is overkill because the drinks you will typically pour into a cocktail glass will be made mostly of liquor, making them very potent and too much for one person to handle. Besides, by the time the drinker gets to the last few sips, the cocktail will have lost its freshness.

Even the 6 ounce glasses (pictured on the left) can be too much for one drinker to enjoy. However, these are great for cocktail parties in which people are walking around because the glass is usually not filled  to the rim. The extra space leaves a little splashing room that (hopefully) keeps everything in the glass.

The Many Styles of the Cocktail Glass

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