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Shot Glass
Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

*A Must-Have Glass

The shot glass is a very recognizable glass in the bar. They can come in many styles, shapes, and sizes and are fun to collect. The average shot is 1 1/2 ounces while a 'short shot' or 'pony shot' is just 1 ounce.

The typical shot glass is made of thicker glass, particularly on the base. This reinforcement is designed to prevent breaking when, as is often done, the drinker slams the glass onto the bar top after downing the drink.

The two glasses on the right are more of the typical style of shot glass and are good for straight shots of liquor or those that are shaken and strained. Also, despite their size difference, they hold the same amount, which can be deceiving and something to be aware of in both shot glasses and beer mugs.

The taller, thinner shot glasses on the left are more of a specialty and are perfect for getting the best layered shots with well-defined colors. The tallest on the far left is called a caballito and is designed specifically for tequila. I enjoy using a flight of these for comparing tequilas.

Any shot glass can be used to hold straight shots and mixed shooters and it is always good to have quite a few around just in case some break.
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