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Champagne Glasses
Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

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If you enjoy a Champagne cocktail every once in a while then a set of Champagne glasses would be a nice investment. They come in a variety of shapes and it is often best to purchase a set of at least 4-8, depending on the size of your average Champagne-worthy celebrations.

Champagne Flute (left) - This tall, thin glass has a tapered rim that is designed to keep the Champagne's bubbles in the glass longer. They typically hold between 7 and 11 ounces. Flutes are perfect for the simple addition of a single berry garnish and for the fizz fountain produced in the traditional Champagne Cocktail.

Champagne Tulip (middle) - This is an elegantly styled glass that has the longer stem and bowl of the flute, the difference is that the rim flares out instead of in. This design will not trap bubbles, but is a nice option for mixing Champagne and other sparkling wines.

Champagne Saucer (right) - This is a slightly more traditional glass used to serve sparkling wines. It is a flatter, rounder bowl and holds just around 6-8 ounces. These are nice for serving many guests from a single bottle of Champagne (filling well below the rim to avoid spills), knowing that they will drink it rather quick. It can be used as an elegant twist for drinks that you would serve in a cocktail glass, and is also nice when you want to float a larger slice of fruit on top of the drink.

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