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Beer Glasses
Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Just like wine, beer has its own list of glassware that can be used, these are just three examples. These can be used interchangeably and are also good for mixing beer drinks.

Pint Glass (left) - This is also a mixing glass and can be used as a piece in a Boston shaker set. Pints typically hold 16 ounces and are best when pulled straight from the freezer.

Pilsner Glass (middle) - Holding between 10 and 14 ounces of beer, the pilsner's unique fluted shape  (which can be more or less exaggerated) is used most often for light beers and the wider rim still allows for a good head.

Beer Mug (right) - Mugs are nice because you can hold your beer without warming it with your hands and they are also best when frosted. The volume of a mug will vary greatly. Many will hold between 10 and 14 ounces, with those (such as the one in the photo) that have a thicker base barely holding 10. You may see these deceptively smaller ones at bars because they allow for a shorter pour.

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