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How to Cut Orange Garnishes


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How to Cut an Orange Wheels or Slices
How to Cut an Orange Wheel

How to Cut an Orange Wheel

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The slice is the easiest garnish to create. The full slice, also called a wheel, of an orange can be quite big depending on the type of orange you use, so it is best to use the full slice on larger or bulkier glassware or choose a smaller orange. If the slice dominates the cocktail, cut it down to a half-moon (next page) to retain balanced proportion.

To create orange slices:

  1. Cut the end off of the orange.
  2. Cut 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick slices.
  3. On each slice, cut a slit going from the middle through to the peel so that it will easily slide onto the rim of the glass.

The basic orange wheel can be folded into various shapes to make it more interesting. One example is to make a boat as shown in the lower right of the photograph above. Twist the wheel up, making a small funnel, then place a cherry in the middle and skewer the fruits together.

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