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Super Bowl XLVI Cocktail Menus


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AFC and NFC Championship and Super Bowl XLVI Cocktail Menus
Super Bowl XLVI Cocktails

Super Bowl XLVI Cocktails

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The road to the biggest football game of the year is always exciting. Now that we are down to the final four teams it is time to talk about cocktail menus for game day.

As we look forward to Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012, I have four drinks for each team that fans can enjoy while cheering on their team. This year I was able to find cocktails named for each teams home town, and many of these have either been local favorites throughout the years or originated in the respective areas, then again, one or two may have no local connection beyond the name. Nonetheless, this year is a great one when it comes to drink options.

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