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Super Bowl XLVI Cocktail Menus


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New England Patriots
Boston Cocktail

Boston Cocktail

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham
In the years that I have pulled together these menus, the New England Patriots have made a few appearances (see below). In this third rendition of the drink menu I've scrounged up two new additions including the feature cocktail named for one of my favorite places in New England.
  • Boston Cocktail (pictured) - Gin, apricot brandy, grenadine, and a splash of lemon make up this sprightly cocktail that I like to garnish with an orange-cherry flag.
  • Boston Sidecar - A classic rendition of the classic Sidecar, this one adds rum to the sour brandy drink and is sure to liven up your taste buds.
  • Cape Cod - Always a favorite, this is the most popular of the New England highballs and is so easy to make, it's a wonder it has its own name.
  • Medford Rum Punch - This is one of my finds from the year that celebrates New England's rum tradition from way back when. It is also a great opportunity to use one of the rums from the region's micro-distilleries.

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