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Super Bowl XLVI Cocktail Menus


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San Fransisco 49ers
San Francisco Cocktail

San Francisco Cocktail

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham
The NFC Championship this year pairs two great cities with a great cocktail lineage and can make for a great party, especially if you host fans from both coastal teams. For San Francisco fans we have drinks celebrating the history of the city.
  • San Fransisco Cocktail (pictured) - This drink is a sweetened rendition of the Perfect Martini, and the sloe gin liqueur adds a nice casual base for those not wanting a high-proof cocktail.
  • Barbary Coast - For the taste adventurous, this gin, rum, and Scotch cocktail with a hint of chocolate and cream may be a good try.
  • Gold Mine - One of my favorites of the 49er menu, this Scotch, Galliano, and sherry cocktail is a delight. Filled with layers of flavor, this lowball is a smooth sipper.
  • Frisco Sour - And then there is the classic sour drink that features whiskey and Benedictine and is always a hit for any occasion.

For more ideas, check out the drinks of H. Joseph Ehrmann, owner of San Francisco's Elixir saloon in this interview.

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