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Super Bowl XLVII Cocktail Menus


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Baltimore Ravens Cocktail Menu
Baltimore Bang Cocktail

Baltimore Bang Cocktail

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Baltimore Ravens fans can toast their team with these inspired drinks. From the fun shooter to the esteemed brandy and whiskey drinks, this menu is interesting to explore.

  • Baltimore Bang (pictured) - This sour is very nice to sip through a quarter and the bourbon and apricot brandy mix is a taste that most anyone will get a kick out of.
  • Baltimore Bracer - For those who love a good sipping brandy, try this rendition with the simple addition of anisette (or absinthe) and an egg white for a comforting mouthfeel.
  • Purple Hooter Shot - This may be the best tasting shooter of this year's menus and is an easy mix of vodka, black raspberry, and lime.
  • Harbor Light - Here we have a cocktail that requires some practice and skill, but once successful it makes quite an impression. In pousse-cafe style, it layers Kahlua, triple sec, and Cognac and on top of that goes a touch of flaming rum.

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