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Super Bowl XLVIII Cocktail Menus


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Seattle Seahawks Cocktail Menu
Coffee Old Fashioned Cocktail

Coffee Old-fashioned

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

The Seattle Seahawks are an interesting team to create a cocktail menu for. The city is known for its coffee and the state for its apples, and here are a few drinks to keep you going through the entire game.

Coffee Old-fashioned - Espresso, bourbon, and a hint of chocolate make up this very fine cocktail that makes for a good game day sipper.

Washington Apple - Serve this one tall, short, or as a shot, it doesn't matter because it is a tasty mix that many people love. The simple mix is one of Canadian whiskey, apple schnapps, and cranberry juice.

Seattle Manhattan - Seattle has its own version of the Manhattan and, as you might guess, it includes coffee. Espresso vodka and coffee liqueur are paired with bourbon and sweet vermouth for a fun twist.

Coffee Buzz - Coffee has to be involved in the shot for the Seahawks and this is a tasty, layered option that uses cacao and yogurt liqueurs with a shot of espresso.

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