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New Amsterdam Straight Gin Review

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New Amsterdam Gin

New Amsterdam Gin

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The Bottom Line

New Amsterdam Straight Gin is an American gin produced in Modesto, California. It is an interesting gin because it does not have the juniper base that most do, but at less than $20 a bottle it is a pleasant change of pace if you're on a budget. New Amsterdam works well in fruity drinks and is a nice bottle to have in stock every once in a while. I don't recommend this for the gin connoisseur, but for those who are fond of vodka, especially infused vodkas, it is a nice spirit.


  • Citrusy gin, great for fruit cocktails.
  • Affordable and one of the better gins under $20.


  • Juniper is lacking a bit more than other gins.


  • Pure neutral grain gin.
  • Produced by N.A. Spirits Co., Modesto, California
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $14/750ml bottle

Guide Review - New Amsterdam Straight Gin Review

As gins go, New Amersterdam Straight Gin is not typical. The lack of juniper is disappointing if that is what you look for in gin. It reminds me of Tanqueray Rangpur - heavy on the citrus and light on the herbs - and if you didn't know what you are drinking you'd almost think it a citrus vodka. The herbs and juniper are there, but are hard to recognize.

Mixing with New Amsterdam is not limited to the Martini, in fact I don't really recommend it in cocktails that are so transparent although the Martini with orange bitters and a twist is decent. Instead, I found this gin finds a place in fruit-based cocktails like the Clover Club, English Rose, and Floradora. I also found it a nice base for some of the creamy, dessert gin cocktails like the Emerald Isle or Caruso.

Tasting Notes:
New Amsterdam opens with a sweet, citrus and floral aroma. The palate is smooth and tangy, with more citrus notes than juniper. The finish is thick, filled with citrus and considerably dry.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
In a word, disgusting, Member ctrlaltdefeat

Created an about.com account just to warn everyone against this gin. I'm not even sure how it can rightly be marketed as gin. It's sickeningly sweet, syrupy, with an overwhelming faux vanilla taste. I would never, under any circumstances, drink this again. And even if sickeningly sweet liquor is your thing, but one that is at least honest about it.

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